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Where Is Monica Lewinsky Now?

Why Can't the Public Treat Monica Lewinsky Like Bill Clinton?

He was nearly 50. She was only 22. He was a powerful man who should have known better. She was just an intern. Yet, no one seems to remember Bill Clinton's indiscretions in the Oval Office while Monica Lewinsky's name is forever connected to the sex scandal.

Other women have overcome sex scandals to win the attention, if not complete admiration, of Americans. Kim Kardashian had a sex tape, but we've come to also associate her name with her TV shows, perfumes, and a fashion line. Monica, now 38, hasn't made the transition; although, she tried her hand at endorsing handbags and Jenny Craig. The spotlight was harsh to Monica, so perhaps she decided to avoid it after such public humiliation. But 13 years after the scandal broke — that's right, 13! — Monica is still not safe from tabloid takedowns, the latest one calling her a "social pariah" who can't get her projects off the ground or find a man. No mention of the fact that Monica lived in London for a while and got a masters in social psychology.

Meanwhile, the latest news on 65-year-old Bill Clinton centers around his newfound vegan lifestyle or charity work. As a former and successful president, Bill Clinton's legacy surely encompasses much more than the poor judgement he displayed with Monica, but it's striking how Bill's image has completely survived the scandal while Monica's has been completely dominated by it. Why do you think her public image seems so frozen in time?

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EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
I also think it has to do with the years that have passed since ML. Had KK released a sex tape sixteen years ago, I think the public reaction might have been different. I just think there's been a relaxation in attitudes in the last almost 20 years. Oh, and the whole double-standards thing helped Clinton.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
Uh, the diff between KK and ML is that KK released her own tape to capitalize on the fact that she slept with a famous man and ML became embroiled in a scandal because the man was famous. And with Clinton's sheer number of infidelities I hardly think it's fair to criticize ML as being some sort of homewrecker.
taylorvon taylorvon 6 years
22?! I was still a drunken college kid at 22. He was old enough to be her father and in a position of power. I totally think he abused that power. His image has definitely rebounded. It's such a double standard. He got away guilt free and lied under oath and the she's been ridiculed ever since. Really makes me think about the gender politics in this country.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
She was basically a kid. He was the president. I'm sure she was very impressionable.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Why? Well, because... she has done very little else that was of public interest, unlike the president of the entire freaking country.
janetmouse janetmouse 6 years
It really is too bad...
sisteroflilly sisteroflilly 6 years
I do agree that it is unfortunate that BC's image hasn't been as tainted as ML's. But when we compare her to KK's sex tape was a stupid mistake to make a sex tape, but it was not an affair with a married man. I think a lot of people probably find the latter more offensive.
Vanonymous Vanonymous 6 years
Woah! She was only 22? How did she get a gig in the White House. That's crazy! Anyways, moving on... along the lines of what testadura said, she really hasn't done much in the public eye for us to know her in any other way. We recognize Clinton for his actions pre and post-BJ (and I still hear plenty of Clinton BJ jokes). KK did a lot more after her sex tape scandal (like create an entire empire... as pitiful as it is). Monica really hasn't done much else in the public's eye. Handbags? Jenny Craig? I don't know... I'd have gone a different route (charity perhaps?). And while the writer of this article and Christine both seem to think being 22 is a good excuse - none of my friends at 22 were hooking up with married men. Just sayin'.
christine3213 christine3213 6 years
Although she was an adult, I feel like the media has been too harsh on her. Who hasn't made mistakes at 22? It's just unfortunate it was with such a public political figure. She shouldn't be in the media anymore, this is old news.
testadura67 testadura67 6 years
If your first introduction to the public eye was because you had an affair with the most powerful man in the country, that's what you'll always be known for. Clinton had a long political career in the public eye years before that. What else has Monica done that the public would be interested in? I don't know why anyone would still do news stories on her at this point, but if all she's tried to do with her "fame" is endorse handbags, then she can't really be surprised by public resentment. I'm not saying Clinton's any less to blame for the affair, but she was 22. Just because she was less than half his age doesn't make her a child. She was an adult, she made an adult decision. These are the consequences. Deal.
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