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The US might be a melting pot, but don't get out that fondue fork just yet — the government knows your ethnic background, where you live, and has plotted it on a map. This one shows the big overview categories, but what if you're Scots-Irish? They've got a map for that, too. German? upper Midwest all the way.

That wacky census — they know so much! Data released Monday shows that opposite-sex couples who live together has grown from 1 million to 6.4 million in the last 30 years. Shacking up makes up 10 percent of all boy-girl couples, which they know because they were impertinent enough to ask. Cheeky census. I'm strangely excited for the next count, if for no other reason than to find out more goods like this, and where my British-Danish brethren are hanging out.

What's your background? Does your US kin match up with a map?

To see another map that shows where ethnic minorities aren't,


Source and source

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