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Or pretty darn close anyway. If you only buy one magazine this month, I've got the answer to, "Hey Citizen! Which one?!"

One of these mags features the following:

  • An article on the schism over homosexuality in the Anglican church, known as "the greatest crisis the modern Protestant community has faced," featuring Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Christian bishop including the trial he faced coming to terms with his sexuality, getting married and then finding himself. It ends, "It's when I let God love me that I remember who I am," and includes all the major players in the controversy.

  • A whole picture article with charts about who the major players are reading to follow the election, showcasing "smartest reads on the web," and how one liberal media member prefers to read right-leaning news.
  • A piece entitled "You Can't Save the Planet" which has an amazing chart to help nail down fact from fiction in claims about CFL light bulbs and solar power.
  • And a stark trip inside the Landsthul Germany hospital where every wounded US soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan is brought for treatment.

Curious? To see which one,


I know, right?! I was so enthralled by the grimy gym copy, I hopped out and bought my own. Somehow it's trying to go live in the bathroom, but ew. That's what boys do.

Check it out.

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