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Who's Crazier?

Am I missing something, or are the women who are making headlines these days batsh*t insane? Where are the accomplished female scientists, writers or pilots-able-to-land-in-the-Hudson-without-hurting-anyone stories? Instead, we hear about Nadya Suleman, a woman who, if there were no fertility specialists, would just have lots and lots of Beanie Babies instead of 14 children and no job. And then there's Sheyla Hershey, the woman whose huge rack wasn't big enough for her after nine plastic surgeries so she left her boyfriend, went to Brazil and had what looks like a giant butt installed onto her chest (using a gallon of silicone that now makes her a 38KKK). So, here's my question: Who's crazier?

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Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Sorry for the double post guys
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Seitan, I have no problems with people having as many children as they want, as long as they can support them and raise them in a happy, loving environment. The more I find out about this woman, the less I think there is a chance for this to happen. I also read that the boob-lady's son begged her not to do it and she did anyway. Thats just selfish. They both need some serious help (before one ends up with 30 kids she can't support and the other ends up with boobs that have to be carted around in a shopping cart).
Patty53 Patty53 8 years
Well now, Seitan, in olden days, you didn't have the 14 kids all at once! The older kids helped with the younger ones. And jlynne818, I think Nadya would LOVE hearing she looks like Angelina. She paid 50K for plastic surgery for exactly that outcome. Did you see her "before" picture? Not a pretty girl. Looks totally different now, but kinda weird. Something about the plumped up, fake lips.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 8 years
Well, this judegmental harpy just wants people to pay for their own children and doctors to follow the oath they take. Hmm, is calling someone a judgmental harpy not being a judgmental harpy?
Seitan Seitan 8 years
LOL it wasn't that long ago that 14 kids was the norm, you guys are hilarious. And by hilarious I mean judgmental harpies.
jlynn818 jlynn818 8 years
I think Nadya actually looks like angelina jolie which is totally weird.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 8 years
Thanks Gkitty, I left her a message alright. There is so much wrong with this story. Why did a doctor: a. Implant so many embryo's on a woman with 6 children b. Implant so many embryos in a woman with such "severe back problems" that she can't work and receives disability checks c. Lives with her parents d. Has NO JOB!! e. No father involved? Does medicaid/medicare pay for fertility treatments?!?!? That would be insane. Does anyone know?
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 8 years
I agree turtlefreak. Nadya makes you want to vent....:oy:
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
Sorry that was so long....guess I wanted to vent!!
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
I feel really bad for those children but also the parents of this woman. She is living in their house and they are having to support her!! There should be some sort of law to deny women of fertility treatment unless they can prove they have a job and a means of good support to raise children....especially when they have so many already. She said she wanted to be a mom and that was all that she ever wanted but there is no way she can be a GOOD mom to so many. She will never have time to spend with them individually. And she thinks it is such a great idea to set up a web site as if people really want to support her. The taxpayers already are upset about having to support her. Poor family!!
Moirethe Moirethe 8 years
At least Sheyla can get rid of those things (if she wanted to), there's no way you can undo having octuplets......except adoption, which I doubt she'd do
bleached bleached 8 years
At least Sheyla is hurting no one but herself
xXFurygeistXx xXFurygeistXx 8 years
I could care less about boob lady. How the doctors even helped Nadya have so many children is unconscionable. I feel sorry for her kids and her parents. She obviously has a mental issue, if she couldn't stop after 4, let alone 6.
misscococherie misscococherie 8 years
this two are crazy...when i saw her first name i was like oh no! she has my first name! haha it's a disgrace lol but yeah the thing with octo-mom is crazy! raising all those kids alone and with no money!
candace87 candace87 8 years
Perez calls her by that name also. As well as octo-mom. She is defintely the winner of this crazy contest. I dont care how big your boobs are, if you feel good having gigantic bags of silicone hanging from your chest then good for you. But when you irresponsibly have 6 children, with no job and no support from a partner, and you've already put the rest of your family in debt because of your stupidity, you do NOT go and have another.. or in her case.. another 8!!!!!! children. That's obscene, irresponsible, and whoever helped her to do this should definitely lose their license. Now this woman expects donations and tax payers' money? Absoloutely not. At least those people with that tv show.. the 18 kids or whatever.. can afford it and have a stable family.
GKitty GKitty 8 years
TMZ calls her "octipussy".
Miss-Senorita Miss-Senorita 8 years
They both are crazy but I have to go with the baby factory on this one.
GKitty GKitty 8 years
GKitty GKitty 8 years
Nadya has a web site taking credit card
TammyO TammyO 8 years
Nadya. She has no home of her own, no job, and decided to have tons of kids. Couldn't she just have settled on being a "crazy cat lady" instead? Instead of crazy lots of kids lady. Didn't she ever read the good old nursery ryhyme, "The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe". That woman resorted to physical abuse of her kids she was so overwhelmed!
anaisethenry anaisethenry 8 years
Sorry, I started the confusion... Yes, Nadya is the crazier of the two... it's very unfair to her children what she has done.
le-romantique le-romantique 8 years
The kids... not because she had them, because the way she thinks... and obviously if you can't support yourself how DARE you have so many children... poor kids... And wanting to alter your appearance is just sad... not crazy.
Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
Nadya is the winner in the crazy contest. 14 kids, no job, her mother taking care of everything and plastic surgery to boot...
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Nadya FTW (FTL?). I feel bad for those kids. Sheyla also has a kid, which makes me worry for him. Both women need help.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
I agree with all of you...It isn't just her its her 14 kids now too! The other one well, if she pops a tittie its her body not her 14 kids.
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