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Who's Douchier? Jon Gosselin or Richard Heene

Who's Douchier? Jon Gosselin or Richard Heene

It only made sense to me to pit America's least favorite dads against each other in the battle for who's douchier.

On the one hand, there's Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus Eight fame. This man had no problem parading his children around on reality television when he was still on the payroll, but now that he's getting cut out of the show, he refuses to let his wife continue on without him. (He claims it's a sudden concern for his children and not his sudden loss of income that's motivating him.)

On the other hand, there's alleged balloon hoax perp Richard Heene, who is being prosecuted along with his wife for pretending that his six-year-old son Falcon had unlatched the family's helium balloon and was flying around in danger. We already enumerated his douchey ways, but to summarize: the guy's a misogynistic, homophobic, racist jerk who is using his kids to get famous.

So now it's up to you . . .

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Vitarae Vitarae 7 years
Am I the only who is is on team Jon? Granted, both him and his wife have some definite priority issues but I can't forget the great things we saw in the early years.
AmyGro AmyGro 7 years
Heene, easily. His douchiness is premeditated, whereas Jon has just gotten caught up in the spotlight and all the free bedazzled Ed Hardy gear.
nikkisoda nikkisoda 7 years
Both are disgraceful. But I picked Heene. I think there is a difference between mid-life crisis and douche. Not much but enough to make Heene the leader of the pack.
wassy988 wassy988 7 years
I say Richard Heene because he exploited his children. Jon at least has been trying to protect his children in many ways. Heene and his wife deserve to be persecuted for the time and effort wasted on this hoax. Jon is just a scum ball in recent months in his own life. He's at least leaving his children out of it.
Love-and-Sex Love-and-Sex 7 years
Lucky you, Briandiesel!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
I was on vacation last week and didnt hear anything about this Heene guy! I'm glad I completely missed out on this whole thing
ayuninur ayuninur 7 years
Richard Heene
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
Ew to both. I can't choose.
reesiecup reesiecup 7 years
any one whoring out their children for fame and money is a douche in my eyes. that goes for any relative. let them live normal childhoods!
jazzytummy jazzytummy 7 years
Geez, Heene...Dorothy Hamill called and wants her haircut back. That alone puts him way over the top on the douche-o-meter.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
So we're comparing Massengal to actual vinegar and water, huh? Both are douches. However, I voted for Heene as he is twisted. But, I do agree with mywish. I'm sick of hearing about them.
mywish22 mywish22 7 years
I am so sick of hearing about these stupid people! WHO CARES!! why do we need to pay attention to these people!!!they both seem like definite douches and they're both ugly!! let's stop paying attention to them please, it's just ridiculous already!!
ShyFox ShyFox 7 years
They both are, but I have to go with Jon.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I can't decide who is douchier. A pox to both their houses.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
It's tough to choose, but I picked Heene. I don't follow Jon & Kate, so I don't know how much of Jon's douchiness is reality and how much is played up by the media and tabloids. With Heene, it's kind of hard to misinterpret his intentions and his youtube videos: douche.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
can we say BOTH ughhhhhhhhhhh they are embarrassing our country!
Home Home 7 years
Did you see the Gawker story (which may be false) where Heene thinks that Reptilians run the government? This guy is a fascinating weirdo! I picked Heene as well because of the "Pussified" video alone. And while I think both guys are kind of douchewads when it comes to women, Heene definitely seems like the bigger misogynist.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
that Richard Heene loser is way douchier yes, Jon Gosselin is a douche. no question. but his kids were first put in the spotlight with fairly good intentions. the whole thing spun out of control when Kate became money hungry, and then Jon became a grade-A douche when he made bad choices following his separation/divorce this Heene loser threw his kids in the spotlight in a totally illegal way, is teaching them nothing but bad values, and is simply hungry for fame without ever even being in the spotlight to begin with...he is going about it the wrong way, and while i've never even seen his videos, this only adds to the fact that he's an absolute douche
chillchic chillchic 7 years
sorry "cops"
chillchic chillchic 7 years
That was too close. I picked Rich just because he had the copd involved. I feel bad for both of their children
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