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Who's That Hot Lip-Smacker? It's McCain (& a Palin Sandwich!)

John McCain=Master Make Out Maverick. Oh, yes my friends, it's true. I'm not usually one to talk about "things we were just talking about at the office," but this debate actually comes up not infrequently (was John McCain hot as a lad or not) and this story could just settle the debate in the affirmative. While John McCain attended his 50th Naval Academy reunion Saturday, he and his mates reminisced about “vices sailors are infamous for” including one down-and-dirty dalliance with a Brazilian woman, who's now come forward with the juicy details of the hookup.

The woman in question, Maria Gracinda, bedded the young and carnally indulgent McCain and has this to say of the midshipman’s. . . technique: “He was tasty, loving, and romantic. He was such a good kisser that I had to purchase a book which taught me how to kiss to keep up with him.” Can't believe she's talking about the same McCain? Maybe this will help convince you. When asked about how he was at the horizontal salsa, Gracinda added: “... He was not only good at kissing, he was good at everything.”

McCain mentioned the whole affair in his book Faith of My Fathers though ever the gentleman, he declined to name the woman behind the short dalliance that “... our youthful impatience and short attention spans brought an end to our affair.” Many years later McCain still paints the affair as: “. . . in my memory, embellished with age of course, among the happier experiences of my life.” And Gracinda views the hookup fondly too, saying that if McCain wins she'll send him a special message, "from his great love in Brazil."

Thinking about the relative "tastiness" of McCain? Sarah Palin may have him beat with a special sandwich named in her honor. To see what's in it,


The Lion's Den restaurant in Midtown Anchorage has a new offering on the menu: the McPalin Grilled Pig Sandwich. Inspired of course by the lipstick on a pig comment, the 'wich is grilled pork tenderloin on it, with caramelized apples, red onions, melted cheddar cheese, and crisp bacon, complete with an adorned bun with a pig face. What comes with? Oh, just your average side of fries and your very own tube of lipstick.


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