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Who is Israel's Tizipi Livini?

Tizipi Livini: Israel's Would-Be Woman PM, Ex-Terrorist Hunter

Israel's Foreign Minister Tizipi Livini, 49, is on track to be the country's prime minster, according to polls that have her ahead by 20 points in the race to lead the Kadima party. Today, 70,000 party members will vote.

Current Prime Minster Ehud Olmert has promised to resign, after the election, thanks to accusations that he accepted American businessmen-bribes. When he does, the new Kadima leader (probably Livini) will then form a government and become Prime Minister. There are a few other options though for Israel's transfer of power. If the new party leader failed to form a coalition government, Olmert would stay as interim PM, and national elections would be held months later. If he ditched the position all together, Livini, already next in line as first deputy, would become premier regardless of whether she wins today.

So who is this would-be leader? To find out,


During the 1980s she orchestrated missions to kill Palestinian terrorists in Europe, while she worked as an Israeli spy. She joined Israeli intelligence after time in the army, and a year of law school, which she went on to complete after her spy-time. Livini also has a husband and two kids.

Do you think she's the right woman at the right time for Israel and the rest of the world?


Timespanr Timespanr 8 years
As to the comment "lady" I reserve my judgement! As to her begining a lap dog awaiting instruction I would agree also. As to her "Iron Pants", some women wore them in the middles age, were violated, so I am again not sure and will leave this subject to her husbands discression.
Timespanr Timespanr 8 years
I see her as a perfect "organ" for a Zionist-Bolshvik Terrorit state. She listen well, she take not adding her two(2) cent and responds as directed. The aspect of the article is oblivious to a changing World, a changing the US Guard and the installation of a new Sheriff, President Obama. And as I surmised, will he was being swornin, Guantamo was being closed, the prisioners are being schedle of 120 day rease day or charges. You should understand, this man is an Educated Man, smart like a fox, Hardvard MBA with Law Degree (some understands US Law), some who has personal experience other people dening his personal rights, knows personal what it means to threatened with his life, he has read 300 years history of Black people being murder, rape and inslaved. I now ask a question. Are you so dam stupid that you cannot get my drift, or has the excertment betwen your ears fogged both your vision and your hears. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Theres a new Sheriff in town oh Zionist-Bolshvik Terrorist State. In Quest of the Truth and the Sreading there of. Muslum MBA MA Psychology Retire US Army. MBA
Mesayme Mesayme 9 years
...until a product manufactured by a US manufacture in that country becomes unavailable or higher priced... **brain went faster than my fingers...sorry :)
Mesayme Mesayme 9 years
I'm just coming into an age of awareness where I realize the need to pay more attention to elected/appointed leaders of other countries. Most people don't even consider how conflicts in other countries affect us until a product US manufactures have predominantly manufactured there becomes unavailable or higher priced. I think the worst case scenario is that she is elected and is as war gung-ho as McCain and he gets elected...that could be a disaster for Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq as well as the US. Anytime there's a history of previous killing of terrorists makes her a target in the minds of the Pakistanis. So I don't know how effective she could be in civil negotiations to come to an order of peace or at least respect of territory. That's my very novice perception...
michlny michlny 9 years
Well said Ilana!
stephley stephley 9 years
I wish the press would stop calling any tough woman "Iron Lady", there's got to be another cliche they could substitute in some times, at least so we can tell them apart. I don't like that she's so right wing, but since she has changed some of her hardline views even slightly, maybe there's hope.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that she could really implement a lot of change for the country so any thing's possible. i don't know as much about her as i should - although i know that there's been a lot of talk about this in my house since a lot of my family lives in Israel. i think that if you're not as familiar with the way that Israeli's live their lives - going into the army and having spy training or other more extensive training, you would think that maybe she's taken extreme measures, but it's more common over there than you would know, and i think that her experiences could ultimately help the nation. i just hope that israel is able to get themselves in a strong and safe position. they have so much opposition from all their neighbors that it's scary sometimes to think about what life is really like there.
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