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I've been to stand-up comedy auditions—these folks are a brave tribe of people! Imagine getting up in front of an audience that half expects you to suck, and killing them with hilarity instead. Although some of the funniest people I've ever known were women, it's still hard out there for a lady stand-up comic. Many say there's an unspoken rule about "one woman comic a night" at comedy clubs, and when they're there they have to face the preconception some people in the audience have that women just aren't funny—or shouldn't be funny. (You know—too aggressive.) Sigh. That's no laughing matter, but there is cause to celebrate the hilarious ladies who break through the glass ceiling and thrive. Who was your favorite female stand-up comic of 2007?


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erinmm1 erinmm1 9 years
I love Chelsea Handler. She totally cracks me up!!!!!!!!!
BorderlineAmazin BorderlineAmazin 9 years
I love Chelsea Handler! I'm glad she won. Amazes me how the people that get bashed the most end up on top of the polls. I love it!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
I love Chelsea Handler. I saw her a few years ago, when she was just starting to gain popularity, on Carson Daly's show. And as soon as I saw her, I ran out and bought My Horizontal Life. It's so funny. So, we she got her own show, I was thrilled!
alillee alillee 9 years
Eh. I'm not really a fan of female comics. Most of them are not really that funny IMO.
purpleisafruit purpleisafruit 9 years
Kathy Griffin. I like her mean streak.
miss-britt miss-britt 9 years
I LOVE wanda sykes, and i'm amused by Kathy Griffin but i don't necessarily laugh at her stand up. I guess i just want to hear the gossip. I just can't get into Sarah Silverman. Margaret Cho and Chelsea Handler are great too!
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
I'm not familiar with half of the names here, unfortunately. I guess Wanda Sykes. NO to Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin.
my other favorite is lisa lampanelli.... she is rude and crude... but so incredibly funny!!!!!!
Nitrobezene Nitrobezene 9 years
Kathy Griffin ALL THE WAY!!
brittany8 brittany8 9 years
i don't get sarah silverman either. she's too crude and obnoxious. same with chelsea handler. being funny doesn't mean being gross/obnoxious!
gigglechick gigglechick 9 years
i'm going to have to say Maria Bamford. ( ) she should be on the list --- after all, she IS one of the Comedians of Comedy
Eaving Eaving 9 years
Caroline Rhea is perhaps the most annoying comic I've ever listened to, but that's just me. My vote is for Kathleen Madigan! I don't like Silverman either, but I can see why people love her (crazy people! =)
audreystar audreystar 9 years
sarah silverman.
cottonpoots cottonpoots 9 years
None of the above. Team Anjelah Johnson / Alex Borstein, all the way!
Fitness Fitness 9 years
I love Margaret Cho, but Paula Poundstone cracks me up repeated on NPR's "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!" whenever she is on. So fast and funny and dry!
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Cho Cho Cho! Funny coincidence: Yesterday at lunch, I was having a big discussion about who the funniest female comics are. Call me krazy, but I just don't get Sarah Silverman. She's just so cruel and unfunny to me. But I love Cho, and Wanda Sykes, and Paula Poundstone on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
Lindsb Lindsb 9 years
I'm going to see Chelsea perform this weekend! :) Can't wait.
Angelica Angelica 9 years
I went with Wanda, because I love her on "New Adventures of Old Christine" and her solo shows. I have a soft spot for Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler though. Who doesn't love funny women?
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