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Why Candie's Thinks Bristol Palin's Abstinence Message Is Worth $262,500

When it comes to preventing pregnancy, teens sure get some mixed messages. MTV teen moms become celebrities, while Bristol Palin, who had a child at 18, is a high-paid abstinence advocate. The theme seems to be: have a kid, make money! Of course, most teens are smart enough to know that a baby is rarely a ticket to a big payout. But, is Bristol's potentially hypocritical message making enough of a difference that the pro-abstinence Candie's Foundation needed to pay her $262,500 in 2009, while only spending $34,000 on groups that directly work with youth to prevent pregnancy?

The head of the foundation thinks so. While most stars return their paychecks when working with nonprofits, Candie's head Neil Cole told the Daily Beast he didn't mind that Bristol did not, since Bristol was the "most exciting thing we've done." He said, "She gave us a lot more time over and above what she agreed to," filming PSAs and making TV appearances. The company also points out that its goal is to raise awareness, not make grants to programs.

Cole describes Bristol as the "gift that keeps on giving," and if you believe all press is good press, the foundation might benefit from the exposure it keeps getting from Bristol, even if it's controversial. Unless, of course, people second-guess donating money to the cause, knowing most of it could end up in a Palin's pocket.

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