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Why Do Many Women Like Horror Films?

An interesting New York Times article over the weekend tries to figure out why recent box office returns are showing that more women have been going to see horror films than men.

Film professor Carol Clover had one interesting theory why women like horror films in her book Men, Women and Chainsaws. In many slasher films, she argues, including Halloween and Friday the 13th, there may be many female victims, but there's always one girl left standing (the "final girl") who gets to off the villain in the end.

Diablo Cody, director of the upcoming film Jennifer's Body, a horror-comedy about a female sexpot boy-killer, agrees that's why she loved horror films as a teen. "When I watched movies like ‘The Goonies’ and ‘E.T.,’ " she explained, "it was boys having adventures. When I watched ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ it was Nancy beating up Freddy. It was that simple."

Today's hard-core torture porn films may show men and women equally as victims, but folks like Rob Zombie are still baffled as to why women would want to see them. Do you like horror movies? If so, why?

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