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Why Do People Cut Themselves?

What's the Deal With Cutting?

News that Demi Lovato entered rehab came as a surprise today. The 18-year-old Disney actress isn't going in for a cocaine bust, like former Disney star Lindsay Lohan, but rather to reportedly address her cutting issue. A source said: "She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting. [She] is taking control by getting help."

As it's most broadly defined, self-injury disorder happens when someone intentionally injures his or her own body. Its occurrence is not limited by education, age, or gender, however, it's most common among adolescent girls and people with a history of abuse, other problems like OCD or an eating disorder, or those who grew up in a family that discouraged emotional expression. People who cut themselves do it to relieve pain and pressure, to challenge emotional numbness, and to feel pain on the outside and not just on the inside.

In addition to talking to someone you trust and getting professional help like Demi, there are some tips for dealing with urges to self-injure. Some include: running, screaming, or punching a pillow to relieve anger; squeezing ice cubes, taking a very cold shower, or chewing something spicy to help you safely feel less numb; or taking a bubble bath or practicing yoga to calm yourself.


Have you had any personal experience with cutting?

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