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Why Do People Hate Feet?

Are You Self-Conscious About Your Feet?

There's an unintentionally hilarious article in the New York Post today about one woman's scarring night out. The problem? She was asked to remove her shoes upon entering a friend's apartment.

In her case the fear was not bare feet but mismatched socks, yet the plight is the same. Most of us recover in a few seconds rather than give quotes about our sole-baring experience that read like "I sat in the corner on the couch the entire time, because I was so terrified," but I'm sure (I hope!) it sounds more dramatic when written than said.

I shouldn't talk anyway, because my foot fear is real. I don't like people looking at them, and I certainly don't like anyone touching them — I all but need a Xanax to get a pedicure. I always calm down by reminding myself that no one's probably even looking. So when it comes to baring your toes, do you have cold feet?

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