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Why Man Buns Are Sexy

7 Reasons Man Buns Are Sexy AF

Twins Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, share their seven reasons why man buns are SO SEXY.

OK, so we are totally not going to lie . . . There is a definite female crush trend going around that we are SO into. What is it might you ask?! This would be the man bun, of course! Man buns are sexy as hell, and we are sitting back and enjoying this trend with fluttering hearts.

This glorious hairstyle on a sexy man's head is also referred to as a mun, and is defined by Urban Dictionary as: A questionably sexy hairstyle in which a man with hair of the medium to long (and usually greasy) variety secures said hair into a firmly rounded bun.

Thanks for the definition Urban D, however we speak for the ladies here when we say, this is not a questionable hairstyle at all. Seriously though, the Instagram account dailymanbun has 35k followers (and counting). Hell, there is even an Instagram account dedicated to men rocking the man bun at Disneyland (manbunsofdisneyland). This is no joke — it's trending; get with the program.

So dear readers, some of you might be thinking; "WHY, WHY, WHY!?" Ask no more, we have pinpointed the reasons the ladies love themselves a guy that can rock a man bun:

  1. It's f*ckin' manly: Contrary to initial thought, "a dude wearing his long hair in a style frequented by girls must be girlie," it is quite the opposite. It's manly because a guy who is confident enough to grow his hair out with zero f*cks given, only to sweep it into a samurai-warrior-looking bun just REEKS masculinity. Not every guy has the balls to rock this look, but when they do . . . it's heaven.
  2. He doesn't play by the rules: A guy with a man bun is deliberately going against the grain. He skips right over the "standard" short hair preferred by the majority of the male population and risks being different. If he doesn't play by the rules when it comes to his look, you know he is down to break some rules in other facets of life. Not playing by the rules is HOT, HOT, HOT.
  3. He is automatically more interesting: No offense to the Ryan Reynolds clones of the world — when girls see you, you look safe. Just like every other investment banker, lawyer, blah, blah, blah. A guy with a man bun is automatically assumed to have a different life than the classic 9-5 professional working for the man. He cannot have such a sexy hairdo and also attend board meetings, right? Right!
  4. They can shake out their hair, and HOT DAMN: There comes a time in every man-bun-wearing head where the hair tie needs to come off, and a good shake of the hair is needed. We melt.
  5. They are manly part two: OK, as stated, it's manly, but for a guy to be able to grow out his hair into a man bun, he is capable of growing some great hair; lots of times this includes facial hair as the perfect accompaniment. Yum. In the later years of life, this guy will not have to worry about going bald . . . oh no, no, no!
  6. They always have an extra hair tie: At the gym and you forgot a hair tie? No worries, since he too uses them on a daily basis — he always has your back. Talk about some real support!
  7. You, too, have a head of hair to play with: Not to get too graphic here, but is there anything better than grabbing a great head of hair during a steamy hookup? The answer is nope — there is not.

The man bun trend has given us plenty of reasons to daydream, and we are most thankful for our top seven reasons. If we ever need to brighten our days just a little bit, our fave man-bun-rocking hotties can be found in a few short clicks through our Instagram app. And to the lucky few of us who have a man bun boyfriend in their lives, don't let him ever leave your side. May God bless the man bun, and may it be a trend we never see die.

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