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Why is My Pubic Hair Falling Out?

Dear Sugar
For a long time now whenever I take a shower my "stuff down there" seems to be falling out. It's kind of scary because of the amount of hair that I am losing. Is this normal? Shedding Sherrie

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Dear Shedding Sherrie
Are you anorexic? That can definitely be a big contributor of hair loss. Also, how is your diet? Both iodine and silica are vital for hair growth and if you want to prevent further hair loss - iodine in your diet is a must.

Alopecia could be the problem as well. It is a hair loss disease caused by severe illness, stress or certain hormonal disorders. Another common hormonal disorder linked with hair loss is Addison's Disease.

AD occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough cortisol (hormone) or aldosterone. For this reason, the disease is sometimes called chronic adrenal insufficiency, or hypocortisolism.

Also, do not discount the power of DNA. Hair loss can be hereditary. Hey why don't you bring this one up at your next big family Thanksgiving dinner - (just kidding)!

Join The Conversation
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
Problem? I'd pay to have all mine would fall out.
girlie24 girlie24 10 years
My cousin has the same problem - she found out that it was a thyroid problem. If you're feeling sluggish, losing hair elsewhere, experiencing early gray hairs and/or weight gain or loss, then you should get checked out by your doctor. Heck, you probably should talk to your doctor about this anyways, since there could be a good reason for the hair loss.
imalifeguard imalifeguard 10 years
wildcat22...that was a BAD joke lol
wildcat22 wildcat22 10 years
talking about BUSH'S wats up with BUSH? lol
yayita yayita 10 years
I think I'm lucky, I've never grown much hair down there or in my arm pits. My mom is the same way so I guess it's hereditary....I will never know what is like to be a full bush woman hahaha
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
I hate mine and would be thankful if it fell out as I hate waxing...don't suggest shaving because all that does is create unsightly bumps.
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
hahaha.. caligirl that was hilarious.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
ewwwww! yes there is such a thing as too long! are your kidding me; trim that bush woman!
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 10 years
"Do your pubes hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow,...If she can do all of this then yes they are too long.
kylake kylake 10 years
There's no such thing as the hair "growing too long."
Adriana42 Adriana42 10 years
maybe it's grown too long :/
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
as long as it's all falling out, all the better. it's probably stress though.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 10 years
Why is she complaining, that's one less torturous Brazillian wax she'll have to sit through.
mle983 mle983 10 years
i'd just look at it as one less thing you have to shave. oh, man--that wasn't really appropriate, was it? just trying to introduce some humor into the situation. if it's not on your head, though, i'd count it as a blessing, as long as the doc says it's o.k.
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 10 years
i cnt believe i just said that on the internet.
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 10 years
my hair-down-there falls out whenever i get stressed. are you stressed?
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