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Why Obama Supporters Loved the 2012 Election

10 Things Obama Supporters LOVE About Tuesday's Election

We're happy to present this story from one of our favorite sites, The Good Men Project. Mark Greene explains why Obama supporters were so happy about this election.

  1. Our Social Media Kicked Your Super Pac's Ass
    Sheldon Adelson, called by The New York Times, "the biggest single donor in political history" backed eight conservative Republican candidates through Super Pacs. None of them won. People have been wondering when America would have its social media driven "Arab Spring"? This was it.

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  1. Karl Rove's $300 million extra super, ugly, horrible super bad day
    Karl Rove has been a boil on the ass of the American political landscape since he first ushered George W. Bush into the White House in 2000. His smug Fox News-driven run of seemingly invincible political gutter dredging has finally come to an end. His American Crossroads Super Pac spent a lot of money and delivered a record-breaking bad return on investment.
  2. Rape Became the Third Rail of American Politics
    Lots of Tea Party Republicans took it on themselves to wax philosophical on the "rape thing." Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin, Richard "God Intended" Mourdock and Joe "There's No Longer Any Threat to The Life of the Mother" Walsh are now looking for lobbying jobs. It would appear that women don't take kindly to having their reproductive rights traded for Tea Party votes.
  3. Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God We're Free at Last . . . From Network News.
    This election season, through Facebook and Twitter, voters discovered that fact checking happens. For the first time in a presidential election, we didn't have wait for network news to notice when a candidate said something stupid, or wrong or hateful. Even in the case of Romney's 47 percent comment, which took a while to fully catch on, the facts came out. To devastating effect. We are finally free of network news' lazy group think reporting of political spin as fact.

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  1. The Tea Party Poison Pill
    Like Frankenstein's monster come back to the castle to toss the good doctor off the highest tower, the Tea Party is fast transforming the GOP into a bush league (pardon the pun) third party. Already nearing irrelevance in California, the crazy wing of the GOP is driving old-school conservatives into the ever-growing pool of independent voters. Insatiable and relentless, the Tea Party will continue to nominate US Senate Candidates like Richard Mourdock over more moderate candidates like Richard Luger. We love the Tea Party. Keep it up guys.
  2. GOP, meet my friend Miguel, and Margarita, and Jose, and Tim, and Frank and So On . . .
    Sorry to be harsh, but for every angry and aging white Tea Party voter that dies in America, a Latino baby is born. GOP stars like scary witch of the west Arizona Governor Jan Brewer have slimed America with their nasty anti-immigrant positions. And it's going to cost the GOP some votes. For about half a century. And the good part? It ain't about pandering to Latinos or any other group. It's about immigration reform and a new America, that isn't only white but a nation of every color under the rainbow.
  3. No Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia This Go Round.
    Any Supreme Court judges nominated during the next four years will not be crazy.
  4. Gay Marriage Is Getting the Green Light Directly From Voters
    The cynical GOP wedge issue campaign started two decades ago against gay marriage has finally come to fruition. It forced everyone in the country to think about the gay folks they know personally, and you know what? Everybody is arriving at the same conclusion. We like gay people. We like fancy weddings. So why not put 'em together and have some fun?
  5. Pot Is Legal
    Colorado and Washington have voted to make pot legal. Can this be the beginning of the end of the disastrous war on drugs? Like prohibition did in the 1920s, we have created a murderous global black market drug trade that funds everyone from the Taliban to the Mexican drug cartels. And for what? So we can look down our noses at drug users while we have a good stiff scotch? It's well past time to legalize and regulate drugs, including hard drugs, so our police can go back to chasing criminals instead of pot heads and addicts. The fact is, Americans are pretty sick of anything with the word war attached to it.
  6. Cue the GOP Circular Firing Squad
    The GOP is already finger pointing with gusto. And Fox News looks downright comical. All the smug C-PAC talking heads, the Anne Coulters and the Rush Limbaughs are going to demand Mitt Romney’s head on a pike, doubling down on their shrinking hate talk radio constituencies in a desperate attempt to sell a few more years of Dodge Ram trucks and gun cabinets before they are rolled off to the old folks home. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people. Keep up the good work guys, we'll be waiting on Twitter for you . . .
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Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
I would like to ask a serious question to one of the Progressives out there. Can someone please tell me what policy from the last four years you want to see continued into these next four years. If anyone could answer this question seriously I would appreciate it. Please do not mention what you dont want that might or might not happen. Just what policy that  happened you want to see continued. Also please try not to mention George Bush. Thanks in advance
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