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Why Should Relationships Be More Important Than Friends?

Relationships Shouldn't Be More Important Than Friends

Here's a post from OnSugar blog The Ticks of Being a Queer Dear.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of relationships. I wonder if or why a single relationship in our life, the one we have, or will have, with our significant other is supposed to be bigger, better, than the one we have with friends. Why is this the one that we should make count or last? I have an eccentric varied group of friends and, for the really close ones, I call them my family. I love them, some say, too much. I would do anything for them no questions asked, but it is the outsiders that make me stop to think and say "should I be asking questions?" Anyway that's a post for another time.

Why do we strive to find mates who we feel complete with, but sometimes keep around friends that make us feel less than ourselves? I have friends who make me feel complete, who strive to make me happy every chance they can, and who want to make me feel loved and wanted. I even have some friends who do the jobs I mentioned above AND fulfill me sexually. So why do I keep looking for that elusive semi-perfect (no one can be perfect) mate?

I think, for those times I feel utterly alone and nothing feels right. No matter what HMH says or DG does I feel about as low as I can get. I don't think someone I haven't even met yet, or the someones I haven't met yet will fill that hole for me. I know I will have to fill it for myself. Which is egregious if I may say so.


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