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Why You Shouldn't Date Your Co-Worker

4 Reasons Your Hot Co-Worker Is Completely Off Limits

The new hire is in, and wow! He's hot. Or . . . she's amazingly gorgeous.

And I am talking jaw-dropping, toe-curling, panty . . . (is "wetting" a word?) hot!

You want to invite this co-worker to your desk ASAP for a chat on everything and anything related to work. OK, that's a complete lie. You want to invite this scrumptious delight to your desk to get a better look, however, you need to hold on "Bae" with the "I'm going to be the most helpful co-worker for the newbie" routine.

You cannot, I repeat, you cannot lay a manicured finger on that "10." Here's why:

1. Word Gets Around

The second the word gets out that you and Mr. or Mrs. Hottie from the IT department are knockin' boots, guess who everyone will talk about? YOU. Not as much Mr. or Mrs. Hottie, just you.

They will talk about you and make associations with you that you won't like. People judge. It sucks, but it's the truth. If you and Mr./Mrs. Hottie are sleeping together and so much as even smile at each other at work, folks will talk. They may even say it's messing with your job performance. Yes, people are cruel.

The fact is the word around the office will be that the new hottie girl or guy is clearly making stupid choices at a new job, but worse will be the word about you, the seasoned employee, who is risking seniority or a promotion perhaps, as well as setting the wrong kind of tone on the job about the company. So in other words, the lens will always be the harshest on you, the long-time employee.

2. Don't Poop Where You Eat

You've heard that crass saying, and it's true. There's no need to repeat it. If you sleep with that sexpot of a co-worker and something goes wrong in between the sheets, you will then have to see your ex-lover day in and day out at work. Do you really want to come face to face with that difficult possibility?

No, don't even consider it!

3. It May Affect Your Job Performance

Yes, I would love to believe that if Brad Pitt were to come join me at my place of employment that I could be a "big girl" and stay focused. Guess what? Fat chance of him working with me OR me being able to focus if he were! An office romance or sexual tryst will distract you in, yes, a good way, I am sure (makes work more exciting), but also a very bad way. Working toward that office promotion? That new co-worker who is gifted with a great behind might make the day more fun, but don't dilly-dally with him or her because then you'll find yourself behind at work. Believe you me!

4. It May Strain Your Relationships With Other Co-Workers

Your co-workers may start to feel, especially if you are in any type of supervisory position, that you favor the hot co-worker over them. This will lead to resentment. Even if you're not the boss of anyone, your actions and decisions at work will be scrutinized until you're completely fried and hashed out. You will start to feel judged and uncomfortable at work.

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4 Reasons Your Hot Co-Worker Is Completely Off Limits  originally posted on POPSUGAR Money & Career
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