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Wikipedia's Army of Volunteer Editors Are Quitting

Volunteers who edit Wikipedia each day are quickly teaching the online encyclopedia that freedom and fun are crucial to the democratization of information. Burdened by complicated restrictions and uninterested in the more mundane topics (the most popular entries have already been written), volunteer editors are leaving Wikipedia faster than new ones are joining.

Wikipedia is under constant pressure to police the accuracy of its information, and that typically means leaving the moderation to millions of engaged users. That approach is fine with me, since I usually use Wikipedia to find out what everyone else knows about something; whether or not the info is true is a secondary consideration. But if less people engage in the content creation and moderation the quality of the information could go down. And that's a problem when these pages embody, and perhaps create, conventional wisdom. It's safer when there are more people who edit the entries, and thus more people who hold the power of truth (or truthiness) in their hands.

Luckily right now there are more than three million people who write, edit, and check the information, guaranteeing some level of oversight. Let's hope Wikipedia figures out how to keep them coming back. Have you ever contributed to Wikipedia?

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jesssa jesssa 7 years
i have edited numerous pages on wikipedia. wikipedia is something i use on a daily basis, usually multiple times per day. it is my first stop EVERY time i need to know something. if i can't count on wikipedia to provide me with the truth, i can at least count on it to point me in the direction of where to look/find it. long live wiki!
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Inaccurate information on the Internet? Unheard of!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
I have edited a few pages myself. I love wikipedia and use it daily. I'm weird like that.
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