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Win a Kindle and $125 Amazon Bucks!

In the marathon of this election, we're three weeks from the big day. Those three weeks though, like the end of a big race, might make us all have to dig pretty deep to carry us over the finish line. We're thinking it might be the perfect time to take some of the advice in Liberty's Election Survival Guide series, pick up some new news sources and reading material — the candidates' books, perhaps? I'm currently reading Sarah Vowell's newest, The Wordy Shipmates about the Puritans and loving it. Wouldn't a snazzy new Kindle and some Amazon Bucks be the perfect antidote to jazz up your own reading for the end of the election? Enter our giveaway, and you could win!

To enter, you must log in and take the quiz below. Your eligibility is not based on getting the answers correct, just by completing the quiz once you are logged in. You do, however, need to be a TeamSugar member and log in before you take the quiz. If you're not already a member, just register here for an account. One quiz entry per person; all repeat quizzes will be ignored.

The contest is open to US residents only and ends on Oct. 20, 2008, at 5 p.m. PDT. For Official Rules, click here.

This quiz has been closed and is over.

  • The average score is 3.3 or 65%
Top Scorers
100%  Marybeth Segars
100%  Lori Bae
100%  tonya froemel
100%  The_coffeegirl
100%  xtcambz
100%  kmg611
100%  Susan Dyson
100%  rebecca gillard gillard
100%  Darlene Wright
100%  Ken Lebowitz
Join The Conversation
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 8 years
i can't wait to go and vote early this week so I can be at ease.
rlgrady rlgrady 8 years
That is an awesome prize. Thanks!
thelastman thelastman 8 years
please enter me. thanks if i win and have a blessed day.
fpresley fpresley 8 years
Great prize! Didn't know when they declared their request to run...just know they've been running forever...
hartcakes hartcakes 8 years
great prize!
lsl53 lsl53 8 years
5/5 Baby!(That means I know my stuff!!) & Go McCain/Palin in 08'!!!!
itssmee itssmee 8 years
I thought I knew alot about the candidates. WRONG 1 out of 5
klp1965 klp1965 8 years
freakdujour freakdujour 8 years
Ralph84 Ralph84 8 years
1 out of 5.
judycc judycc 8 years
Cool quiz and great prize.
sabaka4 sabaka4 8 years
got 5 out of 5... hope i win something...
boobles2 boobles2 8 years
I have never been anygood with dates. I agree I will be glad when this Presidential campaign is over, hopefully we will get a good one.
blackleatherrain blackleatherrain 8 years
I ought to be ashamed. 2/5 correct. Yikes!
djohnson21 djohnson21 8 years
winrob winrob 8 years
This is a wonderful prize, however if I win I will not be purchasing anything close to being political.
kwahl kwahl 8 years
I hope that who wins actually lives up to their promises
vmlay vmlay 8 years
Wow, I got all five right, I'm amazed! I would love a kindle though, that would be really neat!
radarkitty radarkitty 8 years
4/5. This is a really neat giveaway.
Baby-Dove Baby-Dove 8 years
Cool prize.
oldseapines oldseapines 8 years
Wow! My grand girl who is a high school freshman in an Honors program of studies would absolutely love this great prize.
debswild debswild 8 years
I have been looking at these since they first came out. I love that you can get new books instantly no matter where you are. Rather than having to hook it up to your computer and downloading them. The reviews are fantastic on it, I really think this is the new wave of how books will be read someday. At least hopefully by me at least. :) Can you tell I really really want one!
webb33 webb33 8 years
tired of it all....
carriem72 carriem72 8 years
Apparently I haven't been paying enough attention. I only managed to get one right.
debdahlin debdahlin 8 years
WoW - did really poor on that quiz! Hope I do better on the contest!
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