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And the Winner of the "What the Hell Is Going on Here?" Contest Is...

And the Winner of the "What the Hell Is Going on Here?" Contest Is...

Namaste, b*tches!

Hey, yoga can get competitive, and this chick is pretty flexible! Thanks for supplying the winning caption, NadiaPotter and thanks to everyone who played. The captions were hilarious!


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NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
aaawww Thanks Giggle I'm still trying to find the trick... (I do know the meaning of Namaste, I hear it every morning, have a mother who studies the philosophy, this caption is nothing but a joke, like GiggleSugar pints it out)
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
*Giggle and I share the same take on this one* See, now THAT'S precisely why I don't do yoga. It would force me to pull my head out of my ass and proof read. I fear new things. ;)
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Giggle and I share the same take as you on this one. From what little I know about yoga (mainly because I would break my ass trying to do it), namaste translates into "I bow to you." To me, this was extreme, competitive bow-age, American-style.
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 9 years
lolz03, "namaste" is Indian/Sanskrit in origin, yes, but this is making fun of the American, Westernized, competitive, yuppie yogi usage of "namaste."
lolz03 lolz03 9 years
Its actually pretty insulting to a Indian though. I can't believe GiggleSugar picked this..
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
AWESOME caption! :)
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