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Wolf Whistles Drive Woman to Protest — By Getting Naked?

An Internet news rumor run amuck? Sites were reporting this shocking story as fact yesterday — do you believe it? Apparently, a road crew in the small town of Kerikeri, New Zealand, was repairing the main street when they decided to pay too much attention to one woman — who decided to let them know just what she thought about their behavior — by stripping.

According to the story, the woman (an Israeli tourist) took offense to their catcalls and planted herself firm, stripped bare, and used the ATM in the altogether. The clothes-free campaign brought a screeching halt to both the whistles and the road work. She then put her clothes back on and walked away.

The sergeant assigned to the case said the woman told police she didn't like the attention. "She said she had thought '... I'll show them what I've got,' " as the men whistled at her, he said. "She gave the explanation that she had been ... pestered by New Zealand men. She's not an unattractive-looking lady."

Her alleged punishment? "She was taken back to the police station and spoken to and told that was inappropriate (behavio[u]r) in New Zealand." Could this be true, or an Internet hoax masquerading as news?


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scovic scovic 8 years
I live in Kerikeri and this story is true. A few weeks later she was deported from Auckland city for more unruly behaviour. Pretty crazy to see the story on here!!!
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
lol, I think she just encouraged them rather than discouraging them. I mean, she did do what the guys wanted, in a way. But I can understand if she was just really frustrated and angry out of her mind because I HATE HATE HATE wolf-whistling/cat-calls.
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
I hope it's not true...Wow, literally, what an attention whore. That's ridiculous.
Bookish Bookish 9 years
Hypno- on behalf of my gender- thanks for being one of the nice men! I can't stand being catcalled. Fortunately I don't live in an area where it happens much anymore.
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
Yeah, that is great logic! :P (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 9 years
I am very proud to say that I have never disrespected a woman by making cat calls. How rude.
raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
I heard she had a hook for a hand.
Bookish Bookish 9 years
It sounds like an internet rumor. Not saying it couldn't ever happen, but the likelihood seems low.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I was just wondering if she would re-enact the scene where she gets nude for me. :evil:
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
It sounds made up to me.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
no, because they are polaroids. I need to get them scanned. I am so sad polaroid isn't making instant cameras or film anymore. SO SAD.
syako syako 9 years
oooooooooh yeah! I forgot about that. Do you have those on your blog?
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
where is cine? i half expected I was going to get called out on this thread. I want to know what her present was that she got last night!
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
that's what dogs are for! you should see her christmas photos.
syako syako 9 years
kris I love that you always decorate your dog! :rotfl:
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
it's LOOOCY! my great big snuggle monster, fouling up my white sofa.
syako syako 9 years
I love the new avatar! I was like, who is this posting? ;) yeah, this woman (if the story is even true) definitely is not all there
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
I think the lady has a few screws loose. getting naked for the catcallers means you probably are in need of some attention, no matter how much you deny it!
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
ahhhhh! ha ha ha! did I tell you I told my guy friend about it, and he came over to hang out with me and the dog outside. in his jeep he had every single handgun he owns (which is strangely a lot) and asked me if i wanted one. I was like oh, um i don't think we're to that point yet. :)
syako syako 9 years
This story didn't happen in New Zealand, it was actually in Texas. And it was our very own Kris, fed up with her creepy neighbors cat-calls. I swear! :true:
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