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A California woman has won $7 million from a man she sued for giving her herpes. She accused him of not disclosing his 25-year-old infection before having unprotected sex with her.

Seventy-seven-year old Thomas Redmond, who founded the Aussie line of hair care products, must pay fifty-six-year-old Patricia Behr $4 million in compensatory damages and $2.75 million in punitive damages. She also gets to keep the 2004 BMW he bought her as a gift.

The lawsuit alleged that Behr suffered stress and humiliation thanks to the defendant. The jury seemed to agree with her. Maybe Redmond should sue the person who gave it to him. Although I'm not sure what the statute of limitations is.

While the man's dishonesty is extremely troublesome, I can't help but be shocked by this verdict. At what point do we take personal responsibility for our sexual relations, even when we choose to have them with someone who turns out to be a liar?


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citygirl37 citygirl37 8 years
Why doesn't the whole united states just stop having sex? Why not? Everyone is at fault, because we all want to do it.
citygirl37 citygirl37 8 years
Not everyone gets it because of a one night stand. And you shouldn't just automatically blame the woman for not using protection! After all, who is the one that has to put the condom on? Does it go on the woman's body? No. And when you are in a relationship, especially a beginning one, it becomes a tug of war and you feel like you don't want to lose the guy. I have it and yes I regret it and I take responsibility. But I shouldn't have to feel like I am wearing a scarlet letter because I tried to have a relationship with someone. Some of these previous comments really upset me. If I was a virgin people would ask what's wrong with me as well, so it's damned if you do and damned if you don't . Stop being hypocrites. It's an unfortunate situation and sad when people treat one another this way.
free-bird free-bird 8 years
This woman has no idea where she got it or whom gave her the herpes. She was dating a few other people at the same time she was dating Redmond. I know this for a fact. Say Patricia, how's that floor plan going?
jimmyjorge jimmyjorge 8 years
Whatever! While anyone can get an STD (including those in married relationships who are cheating), if you choose to be involved sexually with anyone you are not 1. raising a family with or 2. spending the rest of your life with, you probably get what you deserve. Doesn't matter if you've known them for 4-6 years. (duh, who were they screwing in that time). You should always get tested, and certain tests, like HIV can take up to a year to fully ensure you're okay. Yeah, you don't like it, but truth be told, all these STDs didn't really come out of the woodwork until people started changing their sexual behavior. So...get married (to a person with similar values) or keep your pants on. If no, take your herpes, etc. etc. and deal with it, shut up, and stop asking people to approve funds for prevention, medication, and stupid drawn out thoughts about who's fault was who's. An innocent spouse who was cheated on-YES. Completely a victim. Anyone else...Too bad. Should have been following a more morally upright lifestyle.
Champaigne Champaigne 8 years
People are making it sound like this was a one night stand. I doubt that he gave her a beamer after a one night stand. This appears to have been a long term relationship, and let's face it, after you have dated someone for a while and you trust them and they claim they have no diseases, we all have stopped using condoms. Herpes can be given to your partner even if you don't have active symptoms. That is why you take the meds every day, this reduces the number of outbreaks. The amount is high. If it was an award that was too small in porportion to his earnings/status, then would that have been punishment? The punishment should be more than a slap on the wrist when you subject someone to a painful condition that is for life, and then this person has to become the subject of one of these blogs. How humiliating. In addition, he is a wealthy man that supposidly has intelligence and this seems like pretty reckless behavior on his part. I think we all should leave this poor woman alone.
surggj surggj 8 years
Well......haha, then sign me up. I could use a few million ....can I have $100,000.00 for something else? No, seriously...I can't believe this. How many people you think out there have done this and have no money to pay? And the poor guy or girl can't get payback? Absurd....What man would want to date her even if she didn't have the disease but went after someone who did? Besides.....maybe he wasn't having an outbreak and didn't know......or maybe she had it before....and never told anyone...???
aggiepk4life aggiepk4life 8 years
**graphic descriptions below** jessiebanana-When a person has genital herpes they should take Valtrex everyday and use protection when having sex. When these meausures are taken it is actually very unlikely to get herpes. you see you can really only get it immediately from contact if someone has an outbreak, and trust me if the girl has an outbreak she will know b/c sex is unbeleiveably painful and urinating afterwards burns like there is no tomorrow and after all of this is said and done you just want to curl up and be euthanized. you see if a woman does have an outbreak it may be inside her vaginal wall and not visible right away. but when having sex the sores inside are being irritated and popped open and that is excrutiating. so yes if you are having an outbreak you will know. trust me.
aggiepk4life aggiepk4life 8 years
I have genital herpes and have had it for the last year. I either got it from a one night stand or my serious boyfriend because they were the only ppl I had been with between the time that I had been tested and was clean and actually getting the disease. I am angry b/c I don't know who I got it from (i never used a condom for either situations-i know that that will seem like i get what i deserve but screw it). A week after I had an outbreak my bf broke up with me after 6 months of being together. Every guy I have been with since then I have been honest with. This is going to sound awful but I had been with a couple guys long term without protection (post break up) and they both came back clean. When you have herpes the BEST THING TO DO IS GET ON MEDICATION!!!! The medication significantly lowers the risk of spreading the disease and when you use a condom there is almost no chance of spreading the disease. I have found that being honest and wearing protection does not deter a guy from wanting to be with me. That all being said, I hate that STDs are seen with such stigma in America and they are so shunned that nobody likes to talk about them or their seriousness consequences. Anytime I have to be honest with a guy I am about to have sex with it is the most awkward minutes of my life. But I know they have a right to know and it is not fair if they are not aware of the risks. I was never given the chance of knowing and that's probably b/c the guy never knew himself. This verdict is crap. The monetary amount she recieved is bullshit. I take this case very personal since I will have to live with genital herpes for the rest of my life. Even though I have this blood disorder I am still able to live a normal life since I take medication to reduce the risk of any future outbreaks. My doctor said that I may never have another outbreak for the rest of my life. That's good to know. Another thing that ppl may not know about herpes is that I will not be able to give a natural childbirth due to the risk that if I had an outbreak during childbirth, the child could come out blind. That kills me that one stupid mistake took away something that is going to continue to haunt me for the rest of my life.
ylovely ylovely 8 years
Chatondeneighe - I understand that, but the amount still bothers me....probably because she only got it because he is rich. what about all the other women this happens to that made the unfortunate decision to sleep with a middle class or poor lying scumbag? It's not about all the other women it's about this woman in this case. She should have been responsible as should he have been. But even with protection we know that std's and pregnancies can still happen. It was wrong of him to put her through this and hopefully it gives people pause.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 8 years
I agree with you Mich on the contract points.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 8 years
If he knowingly had a disease and lied, then let him pay the price. I find herpes and genital warts to be particularly offensive because they are hard to to be "safe" with. Contact is all you need for transmission, not actual intercourse. Some people say you should protect yourself even in a committed relationship, but what if you want to have children? You have to trust you partner at some point and lying about a disease your carrying violates that trust and hurts the other person. In the least to me it should fall under the same category as domestic violence.
Roarman Roarman 8 years
I agree with all points Mich makes.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
Ooooh. I thought you were saying whether she could sue should be based on how serious the relationship was, which struck me as a very odd thing to say!
Myst Myst 8 years
Modus, I just went back and read my first comment. What I mean to say is if the award was justifiable depending on the nature of their relationship. I still think she was right to sue and be award, however if it was a one night stand or they were having a fling and she still chose to sleep with him without a condom, she was stupid to do so and should've have been awarded a much smaller amount.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
Myst, I think maybe I misunderstood your original comment. It sounded like you were saying whether he lawsuit was justified depended on what kind of relationship they had.
organicsugr organicsugr 8 years
I'm pretty sure when someone wakes up to their first herpes outbreak, they're not going to be thinking about a potential lawsuit down the road. They're going to be thinking about how they can get rid of the symptoms, and where they can get the medicine. People won't get tested because they don't want to know, not because they're afraid of potential litigation in the future. Same thing that happens now.
Myst Myst 8 years
Modus, that's exactly what I'm saying. He knowingly gave her a disease. Civil courts weight in a lot of things in civil matters, including what the nature of the relationship it all the time. It's one of a reason a person could sue for divorce or sue their husband/wife's lover for alienation of a affection. Regardless of whether or not they were in a relationship, I still agree with the lawsuit. If it was a one night stand, I'd say, yeah but she was stupid for sleeping with someone she doesn't know and put herself at risk, but I'd probably still go with her in the end, because, he slept with her and failed to disclose the fact that he had herpes. The amount I'd award would just be different.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
TS, of course it comes down to the conversations you had beforehand. All lawsuits are decided on a case by case basis. But if the situation is right, there should definitely be potential to collect damages.
T-S T-S 8 years
Hmm. Then I can kind of see the point Modus is making about not wanting to discourage people from testing themselves. But then again, if you're about bonin', and you never bother to test yourself...I just don't see how we're going to say that's any better than testing yourself and not saying anything. I guess for me a lot of it boils down to the conversations you have beforehand. If you just bone and the subject of STDs never comes up, then that's a lot different that someone saying, "Do you have herpes?" "Nope!" (Fingers crossed behind their back.) "Okay, let's bone!"
Michelann Michelann 8 years
TS, that would remove that 'knowingly' part of the equation.
T-S T-S 8 years
Mich, I'm curious, how would you feel if he gave her herpes because he didn't know he had it because he just had never bothered to be tested?
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