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Woman Masturbates in Fifty Shades of Grey

A Woman Was Handcuffed and Arrested For Masturbating During Fifty Shades of Grey

We kind of knew it was, uh . . . coming. But that doesn't make the news of a woman who was caught masturbating in a theater showing Fifty Shades of Grey any less disturbing. Moviegoers noticed something a little suspicious during what we can only imagine was one of sexier scenes in the movie, aka pretty much all of it. Whether it was the peacock feather tickling or the creepy way Christian tries to make nibbling on Ana's toast sexy, we may never know. Police were called and — perhaps to the woman's delight — she was handcuffed and taken away. Maybe that was her plan all along? Either way, the whole situation is 50 shades of really f*cking awkward.

Image Source: Universal Pictures
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