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Women With College Degrees Help Their Partners Live Longer

Well-educated women have more to offer than interesting conversations. According to an extensive Swedish study, a woman's education and social status has more impact on her partner's lifespan than his own education.

The study, involving 1.5 million working Swedes, found that a man whose partner only had a high school education had a 25 percent greater risk of dying early than a man whose partner holds a university degree. Of course, a woman's education also impacts her own lifespan — a woman with no college education is 53 percent more likely to die early than a woman with a higher degree.

Those behind the study reason that the more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to understand her family's health needs. This conclusion suggests that a woman has a big impact on her partner and family's lifestyle. Perhaps this means that many highly educated women still have the primary responsibility for cooking, shopping, and other household needs. Does that surprise you?

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