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Women's Common Complaint: He Goes Straight For My Boobs

Women's Common Complaint: He Goes Straight For My Boobs

Foreplay is essential for most women in order to get aroused. All that kissing and touching makes us feel beautiful and sexy, and it also strengthens the emotional connection we feel with our partner. The problem is, some guys don't get it. They often rush through the passionate part and head straight for our boobs! While seeing and touching them is a turn-on for him, he may automatically think it's a turn-on for us too. Now I'm not saying that caressing our breasts is a turn-off, but there's a right time to touch them, and first thing isn't always the time — a guy has to ease his way through foreplay!

So how can you deal with the guy who does this? To find out


The best way to let your guy know you're not into him fondling your boobs right off the bat is to communicate that to him. That's not to say you should sit him down and talk it out — you might shatter his ego and scare him off — but if you're a verbal person, the next time you're getting it on, try suggesting things for him to do (in a sexy voice) that does turn you on. Not only will it redirect his hands, but some guys love it when a girl tells them what to do!

If talking about it makes you feel uncomfortable, or you're worried about it ruining the mood, gently use your hands to communicate your needs. Slide his hand down and place it on your hip, or flip your body around and change positions so his hands are forced to switch positions too. Whatever you do, don't just put up with the groping. Some guys need a little direction so if he doesn't appreciate the guidance, then he may not be the guy for you.


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