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Women More Attracted to Clear Skin Than Masculine Features

What Attracts Women More Than Masculine Features?

Why, soft, clear skin, of course. Researchers found women rate men more attractive when they have clear, healthy-looking skin as opposed to strong features, traditional indicators of masculinity.

Researchers always believed women were attracted to masculine features, which are an inheritance from Uncle Genes. Yet this new emphasis on skin tone — a reflection of a man's current, self-made health — is causing researches to rethink attraction. Could an evolutionary shift be taking place, which emphasizes current health over old genes? Whatever it is, it sounds like masculinity has been dealt another blow.

At this rate, straight men will be kissing each other to get women's attention by Sadie Hawkins Day!

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Carri Carri 6 years
Very true! Why over think this? There are so many things that attract one person to another and I think most of it is instinctive. Women, as a general rule, are attracted to men who are healthy and good providers, while men, as a general rule, are attracted to women who are fertile and nurturing.
boredgourdless boredgourdless 6 years
boredgourdless boredgourdless 6 years
Isn't it a basic principle in ecology that a female will select for the male with the the best health and indicators of vitality? Though that lens, it makes sense that we would look for mates who look healthy, as opposed to rugged. Sometimes I think we're over thinking attraction as only cultural, and that a greater portion of our choice making is instinctive.
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