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Who's the More Forgiving Sex?

OK, it's no surprise. Women are the more forgiving sex, but first let's look at what forgiveness means.

A study done by a Spanish university says both parties need to cooperate for true forgiveness to be achieved. The perpetrator must show true remorse, and the offended must not bear a grudge. Because men are more likely to hold grudges, they have a harder time forgiving regardless of the amount of remorse shown.

Meanwhile, women are said to excel at forgiveness, because they're natural empathizers, which may be true but is not the whole story. For centuries, women have been asked to look the other way, not talk about what they've seen — basically forgive and forget.

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wolfpackgal wolfpackgal 6 years
I'm surprised also. It seems that girls hold grudges a lot more often than guys. Women are usually more dramatic, and men more chill. It takes me a long time to forgive someone who really hurts me. There have been times when I let things slide, but they are always in the back of my mind.
zeze zeze 6 years
I'm a little surprised at these findings, I would think women are less likely to forgive. From my own experience, I know I never forget. I don't get offended easily or get upset about every little thing, but when you cross me, that's it. Even if I forgive, it is always with an asterisk. I've always seen guys to kind of play off what others do and be more willing to give people chances...I don't know.
Natalie-Love Natalie-Love 6 years
If someone intentionally committed an act that caused me pain, and made my life worse, I will cut them out of my life. I won't really let the grudge bother me, but I don't believe in keeping 'toxic' people around me bringing me down. I rather admit I don't want them around, and keep on living happily. I'm more like "kick out of life & forget" type of person... I know people who keep in touch with people who bring them so much pain, again and again, and I have no idea how people do it to themselves...
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