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Women Tweet About Having Abortion

Women Tweet Abortion Experiences

Americans can't seem to have a mature debate about abortion, so why not bring the discussion to a forum known for rational discourse: Twitter. Using the hashtag #ihadanabortion, women are currently making very public statements about abortion, a constantly challenged right that comes with a lot of stigma. The tweets, prompted by @IAmDrTiller, send the message that a woman does not have to be ashamed of her abortion. Some of the tweets:

#ihadanabortion and I don't regret having done so. It was the best choice in my situation, and I owe no one apologies.
#ihadanabortion and I've never regreted it.#prochoice
#ihadanabortion and i'm not sorry about it. It's MY life MY choice
#IHadAnAbortion @ 17 & no one helped much; every1 tried to protect the dude's reputation. Yuk. Grateful I had the option. I vote #prochoice.
Yep, #IHADANABORTION.. more than one, now that I am ready I am now 7 months pregnant w/ my 2nd body, my decision!

The reaction by pro-life users is obviously negative, including: "Wow, what a sick feed #ihadanabortion There's nothing honorable in killing a developing child. There's nothing 2 be proud of, a baby is dead." But even people who are pro-choice can disagree about whether this hashtag represents too much information or brave activism. What do you think?

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