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This or That: They Won't Stop Pressuring or Pestering?

This or That: They Won't Stop Pressuring or Pestering?

You and your boyfriend have been together a few years and have lived together for just over one. You guys get along great and are really happy. You’ve decided as a couple that as soon as you're both further along in your careers, you’ll get engaged, probably within three years. You both come from very traditional families; his more so than yours, and they play a pretty significant role in both of your lives. Lately you noticed that he’s been acting strange, and although it takes a few tries, you finally get it out of him. Would if be worse if it turns out that . . .

This: His parents have been putting a lot of pressure on him to get married? So much, in fact, that he’s feeling a little commitment-phobic and thinking that maybe you guys should take a step back.

Or . . .

That: His parents don’t think you’re good wife material because you’re too focused on your career? Now he’s suddenly become a defiant teenager and wants to prove them wrong; he’s talking about you quitting your job when you get engaged.

Which is worse?


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