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Team Psychology: The Benefit of Losing

When the San Francisco Giants won entry into the World Series Saturday night, I was not watching the game in San Francisco. But I knew the second they won from cheers in the street, firecrackers in the air, and the voice of a policewoman over a bullhorn saying they will arrest anyone for igniting fireworks. It made me ask a question sports psychologists have queried for decades: if winning feels so good for fans, how bad is losing?

Bad enough that a study last year found losing is associated with increases in domestic violence, but it's not all negative. In fact, people who follow sports, particularly notoriously losing teams, are more likely to have better emotional resilience than the rest of us. And when a losing team wins, victory is much sweeter.

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genesisrocks genesisrocks 6 years
That's what I've been saying to all these Phillies fans who couldn't give a damn about baseball in 2006. After 14 years of not making the playoffs, 2007 was sweet!
sophiashortcake sophiashortcake 6 years
I have to say growing up in San Francisco and being a Giants fan I'm so excited for the world seres. I think me and everyone else in San Francisco is excited everywhere you walk you see Giants logos and people chanting Go Giants. :) This win is even better because we are definitely the under dogs it's nice to finally prove people wrong. And you have to love Brian Wilson's beard and Buster Posey, who has been receiving a lot of buzz about winning rookie of the year.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I have been a Cleveland sports fan my entire life, so I have to say, I must possess amazing emotional resilience. :P I definitely do see the whole victory being sweeter when a losing team wins thing. I go to the Browns game watches in my city and each touchdown is celebrated as if we just won the Super Bowl.
nicole121482 nicole121482 6 years
As someone who lives in the Philadelphia area and is a major Phillies phan...I can tell you that there were many a grown man out at the bar Saturday night that looked like they were ready to cry because they lost their best friend...myself...I'm trying not to think about it :P
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