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Group Therapy: Worried About Him Proposing Over the Holidays

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Thanks to some not so subtle hints on my boyfriend's part and many conversations about marriage, I know that he has bought me an engagement ring and plans to propose over the holidays.

We have been together for about a year and a half and lived together for six months. Our relationship is great. We are truly best friends, have tons in common, communicate well, and generally have a blast together. Since I found out the proposal was coming, however, I have been feeling somewhat anxious. To summarize all my issues, my parents had a horrible relationship and when I was in elementary school my dad cheated on my mom with a much younger woman (now my stepmom) and I have had trust issues in all of my relationships. I also struggle with depression and insecurity.


For the first year of our relationship, my boyfriend and I were long distance. We made the decision that I would move to where he is because my career is very flexible in that I can find a job just about anywhere. About a month or so before we moved in together I felt like my boyfriend was pulling away and acting strange, I snooped in his email and found an email he had sent to an ex saying that he felt weird about moving in with me because he still thought about her all the time.

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