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5 Nightmare First Dates

Earlier this week I asked for your dating horror stories. From a self-righteous virgin to a dude with no driver's license to the guy who conveniently "forgot" his wallet, you've all been on some traumatic first dates. But now you have the last word.

  • He "told me a sob story about his ex on the first date and proceeded to tear up, pound his entire beer, and then start texting 'someone' the rest of dinner. The worst part — he left me a vm the next day about how much fun he had on our date and he couldn't wait to see me again!" — onlysourcherry
  • "He asked me to drive. I later found out it was because he had lost his license for 6 years — apparently 3 DUIs in a week will do that." — Anonymous
  • "He had a four door four cylinder family car and kept zooming around curves trying to pop it up on two wheels, he stuck his tongue so far down my throat he gagged me, and all he did was brag about how hot his ride was. Also he was a virgin, and couldn't stop bragging about that." — Betty Wayne
  • He "had to use the bathroom about every 10 minutes. And then he started acting REALLY weird. Found out later it was because he was in the bathroom doing drugs."
  • "I went on a set-up date a few months ago. He was a friend of a friend, and we had met a few times at the bar so I knew he wasn't a total creeper. We met at this really nice Cajun restaurant and had a great date . . . until he announced at the end of the date that he had 'forgotten his wallet.'" — Anonymous

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