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How Not to Flirt With a Stranger

On Facebook Monday I shared the most awkward compliment I've ever heard (about a woman's patterned scarf): "It's so soothing, if your scarf was a food I'd eat it in a hot tub." And you guys delivered with your own strange compliments, which ranged from sad attempts at flirting to downright creepy passes! See the horror stories below and share yours in the comments.

  • ‎"Wow you smell good; you smell like schnucks! (a local grocery store)" — Ellen
  • "I once had an old man tell me I have a beautiful mouth . . . " — Allie
  • "How about guys on Facebook asking you to add them then as soon as you do they ask you to marry them? lol happened to me yesterday" — Deanna
  • "I once came out of a bathroom in a club. A guy was standing there and said 'I saw you come out of the bathroom. I find you cute and attractive.'" — Breanna
  • "A guy once walked up to me on campus and told me that he'd seen me around walking before. He then proceeded to tell me that every time he saw me walking, that he 'felt a tingle inside' when he saw me." — Tia
  • "I forgot the time when this old guy in a Hoveround at Wal-Mart saw my sister (who was 19 at the time) and said "Wanna ride?". We got away from him so fast haha." — Breanna

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