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As we all know, pornographic magazines, movies and websites cater, for the most part, to men. We hear all the time that men are visual creatures, while women are romance junkies. (Someone once argued that romance novels were a woman's pornography.) Although women aren't quite as easily stimulated by visual material as men, some women do like porn — not all of it soft core. But no mainstream nudie mag, comparable to Playboy, exists for women.

Filament, an erotic magazine for women launching this month, bills itself as "a new concept in magazines for women: intelligence, inspiration and images of men designed for the female gaze." Sorry, Filament, this doesn't sound promising to me. To find out why,

First off, there's something too fussy about it. The "female gaze" is an offshoot of "the male gaze," a feminist film theory term that describes the way in which Hollywood films make the male protagonist the subject of most films, mainly through making women the object of their gaze. It also describes the general culture of men's objectification of women. The idea of creating a magazine that will turn women on built on this overly theoretical premise already has my libido wilting. And according to one reviewer, the images of the men in odd poses are anything but sexy.

I wonder if the reason there aren't any mainstream erotic magazines for women is mostly because no one's hit on the right formula. (Playgirl, which was around for 35 years, doesn't count according to some because it was really for gay men.) I once bought the short-lived, straight-outta-Brooklyn porno mag for women Sweet Action, filled with naked pics of skinny, tattooed hipster boys. It was interesting, and I loved the photography, but it didn't do anything for me.

Would you ever buy a magazine with erotic or pornographic photos of men? If so, what, ideally, would the men and the images look like?


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guy1990 guy1990 4 years
Ladies, relax! Sounds like many of you mean that it's a man thing to be against erotica for women. While I can't speak for each and every guy I can tell you that many of us are supporting magazines such as filament or other female drive initiatives. I helped a friend of mine to start up a volunteering initiative with her and a few friends making a male charity calendar. Last year I also modeled, and I'll be modeling again in the coming summer, and I'm far from the only one both enjoying and willing to do it. My goal is to do this a couple of times more and see if I can get into professional modeling. While I admit such content for the female gaze is relatively unavailable compared to what has traditionally been available for the male gaze, things are indeed changing these days. First of all, women are increasingly expressing their interest in looking at men the way men have traditionally watched women. We are probably still far from peak interest, but in time I think we'll get there. Second we are entering an era where the economy will be female driven. Women comprise the majority of students and future professionals and are starting to get higher salaries than men, simply becoming more successful. This will have to consequences; women will be in a better position to buy content that suits their desires, however women will also possess positions such as photographers, editors, marketers, ceo's etc. at the providers' companies. Simply put, the power structures that used to prevent women from developing and presenting the female gaze will be substantially reduced or removed. Of course, things will jiggle a bit back and forth, exploring different features from both the male and female gaze which is normal for a transition like this, but I do think the outcome of this will be content more or less tailored to the female gaze exclusively. No one can be entirely sure of this, but it's where all the indicators are going to. Lastly, with the power of the gaze comes the power to put what's considered attractive on display. There's currently a period where many female producers of erotica are trying out "gentle" objectification displaying a range of male body types. That's generous enough, but as the comments below and other experiences have shown most women would like to see fit men. We've even experienced that in the charity calendar. It started out as simply bring your boyfriend no matter what he looks like, but that wasn't really that successful. Now there are strict standards and abs are absolutely mandatory
Rebecca14916991 Rebecca14916991 8 years
I'm more attracted to a guy's behavior than his looks. Of course there is a bottom line for physical attractiveness, but if I meet the guy and he's pretty but he's a douche (or his character is a douche, lol) , that instantly douses whatever attraction I might have had for him. I also find guys that are too pretty repulsive, because that usually means they are completely full of themselves. I do have to admit I can appreciate a sculpted torso and piercing eyes as much as the next girl though. I fell hard for Elijah Wood when LOTR was out just based on his eyes! Though Viggo as Aragorn was completely scrumptious as well. :)
eveday eveday 8 years
Xxstardust, Trèssugar and're all welcome! :) You see...I'm not selfish, I like sharing the hotness :P And Xxstardust, I also think he's an amazing actor -- if I didn't, I don't think I would have paid attention to him anyway. I've always rooted for him to have his talent recognized. But the subject here is naked men so I listed those where he's actually fully naked. Nancita, A Walk on the Moon is really good...and Liev Schreiber also stars in it -- I don't know what I'd do if I was in the same situation as Diane Lane in that film, seriously. A History of Violence has some very sexy scenes (but he isn't completely naked -- though we can see his tooshie during that stairs scene).
lindssaurussss lindssaurussss 8 years
last kind of men i want to see naked are skinny hipster men.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 8 years
Hey ladies, sorry for the inconvenience with the commenting issue this morning but all should be good now. Please ping me if you are still encountering any problems. Thanks!
nancita nancita 8 years
Eveday, you are a reader after my own heart ... and my man, but I'll forgive you. A Walk on the Moon is not to be missed, and let's also not forget Viggo's steamy scenes in A History of Violence.
Love-and-Sex Love-and-Sex 8 years
eveday, on behalf of Viggo fans everywhere, I thank you for the comprehensive "when Viggo is naked" llist! Eastern Promises was amazing, as was that scene!
xxstardust xxstardust 8 years
Nice! I'm off tomorrow so it might have to be a movie day. =] For the record, I do think Viggo Mortensen is a phenomenal actor and don't just value him for his gorgeous body - but when those movies came out I was only like ten, which is why I've yet to see them! Thanks for the list =]
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
I wouldn't buy that kind of magazine. for me, the female body is much more pleasing to look at.
eveday eveday 8 years
Xxstardust, he's been naked in many movies actually and here's a quick list (the ones I'm remembering right now): The Reflecting Skin (1990, fully naked I can't remember if there was frontal nudity -- a weird but quite interesting film though); The Indian Runner (1991 -- full frontal, he's sporting fake tattoos but still...full frontal, baby); A Walk on the Moon (1999 -- not sure if there's a full frontal but there's a scene featuring him and Diane Lane having passionate sex under a waterfall); Aaaaaaand Eastern Promises, which is by far the most courageous scene I've ever seen any (serious) actor perform. It's not a sexy scene, it's rather disgusting since he's fighting for his life, but it's a 5 minutes long scene where you can see him naked from every possible angle.
xxstardust xxstardust 8 years
Eve - what movie is Viggo Mortensen fully naked in? Because I will seriously head to blockbuster *right now*. That man is GORGEOUS!
eveday eveday 8 years
Now to answer the question...being the very curious person I am, I've already bought a magazine with pictures of naked men. Most of these magazines (if not all of them) are for gay men, which is fine by me, but the guys featured on the pages are too ripped, muscly and waxed, definitely not my type. I like male nudity, but I prefer seeing it in movies. It's great when I get to see extremely hot men like Viggo Mortense and Thomas Jane's full frontal nudity -- and I'm not going to lie: it turns me on.
eveday eveday 8 years
Tlsgirl, I'm glad I was not the only one who noticed that. I click on "post" then instead of seeing my comment posted, I'm redirected to a smaller box where I must type the same thing again. I'm copying the comments after writing them because I know they won't be posted the first time.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I'm with xxstardust - what's up the commenting this morning? It's messed up on all the sites.
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