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High school reunions can either be exciting or filled with anxious anticipation and stress. If you look great, have a fantastic job, family, etc.. you've got nothing to worry about. You can go, be carefree and really enjoy your walk down memory lane.

However, what if you are the product of failure and lately you've been getting letters from Glamour Magazine apologizing for forgetting to place the black bar over your eyes after you have been on the pages of their "Fashion Don'ts" for the last three consecutive months? If that's you, you're probably going to want to add a little bit of jazz to your autobiography. But take caution.

Do you remember the movieRomy and Michelle's High School Reunion where one of the girls lies and claims that she invented the Post It note? Turns out she gets busted by the weird chick and is made to feel like an even bigger that's mortification.

My advice is to just be yourself, but we are all guilty of a little embellishment here and there to stroke our own egos. Looks like the old Peach Pit gang from Beverly Hills, 90210can't exaggerate even if they wanted to. Their lives are still so public. Damn they all look great though. I wonder why Brenda didn't show up?

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