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Would You Ever Vote For an Unmarried Presidential Candidate?

This post was written by PinkNC in the TrèsSugar Community group Citizen 4.0.

Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, born Martha Wayles (October 30th 1748 - Died September 6, 1782 - age 33) was the wife of Thomas Jefferson, who was the third president of the United States. She never became First Lady of the United States because she died long before her husband was elected to the presidency. So technically Thomas Jefferson was unmarried.

James Buchanan (April 23, 1791 - June 1, 1868, aged 77) was the 15th president of the United States (1857 - 1861). He was the only bachelor president and the only resident of Pennsylvania to hold the office of President.

There are other unmarried candidates that made it into office to become president in numerous countries. But all of these people in the US were elected way back in the day when times were surely different.


Here are the questions: Would you ever vote for an unmarried presidential candidate in your country? Do you believe they may think a little less about the value of family and children's education because they don't have a spouse and children of their own?

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