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If you've been feeling like something is just not right in your relationship, it might be time for a sex detox. According to Ian Kerner, the author of Sex Detox, abstaining from sex for 30 days will help individuals gain a new perspective on their relationship (or future relationships, if currently single) by turning the focus on other important aspects of what makes up a healthy relationship.

Although this may sound simple to some, the sex detox takes a lot of hard work and determination. During these 30 days, Kerner urges people to answer numerous questions that he poses in his book, and he asks them to journal, learn breathing techniques, and complete daily assignments so they can better understand the role that sex plays in their relationships.

Since sex has the capability of changing relationship dynamics, Kerner feels his book will help improve "self awareness and sexual confidence" for those who are married and will "provide an understanding of how they [singles] handle themselves when dating."

Although abstaining from sex for 30 days probably feels like an eternity, I can understand Kerner's argument. So ladies, if you feel like you need a change of pace when it comes to your sex life, tell me, would you sign up for a sex detox?


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