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Yesterday's New York Times Style Section dove into the lives of NYC's lifestyle gurus. According to the paper, trendsetting women in the city are finding enlightenment through veganism and meditation rather than a diet of cosmos and roof bar parties, and they're calling on "spiritual cowgirls" to show them the way.

These gurus charge around $100 an hour for their services, which often include distilling advice from the many self-help books they used to turn their own lives around. Gabrielle Bernstein, a former tequila-lover-turned-sober-advice-dispenser, helps women reduce anxiety they might have about their relationship and career goals. She tells women to visualize how they want their lives to turn out. For example, Gabrielle advised one client, who is nervous about her boyfriend moving in, to:

“Write the story the way you want it to happen. Re-read the story every night until he arrives.”

Apparently that is enough to make it all work out! Would you ever turn to this type of modern guru for help?

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