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Would You Like a Relationship Ref?

Jerry Seinfeld's ability to find humor in everyday situations made me love him. Now he's hoping that this brand of laugh-at-life humor will make his new show The Marriage Ref a hit. On the show, celebrities listen to married couples describe an intractable argument. The panel includes celebs known for their stable family lives (like Kelly Ripa) and some known for messy divorces (like Alec Baldwin), who then discuss the dilemma and ultimately issue a judgment.

When I saw a commercial I found the premise promising, but after last night's sneak peek, many critics expect the show to be a dud. Still I'm curious how you like the concept of having strangers weigh in on your relationship arguments. When you can't decide what color to paint your walls, where to spend the holidays, or what movie to see on the weekend, would life be easier if you could just present your argument and let a relationship ref pick a winner?

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