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6 YA Authors Talk About Twilight's Impact on Their Writing

6 YA Authors Talk About Twilight's Impact on Their Writing

The Twilight Saga is a modern-day phenomenon that has inspired readers and writers of all ages. Stephenie Meyer's magical writing gave us Bella, a girl we could all relate to, even if we weren't surrounded by werewolves and vampires. The love story between she and Edward reminded us all of how powerful and all-consuming first loves can be. We fell hard for Jacob, the boy who just wanted to be seen by an enchanting girl. Stephenie reminded all of us what it felt like to be young, then she sprinkled in some magic and made a masterpiece. Ten years later, authors are still drawing on the themes found in Twilight. Here are six YA authors paying tribute to Twilight and discussing how the epic saga impacted their writing.

Hats off to you, Stephenie. From all of us.

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