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Yes We Can Buy a CD to Support Obama Campaign

Pro-Obama musicians have teamed up to record "Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement." Proceeds of the first-ever campaign compilation will support Obama's campaign. The artists also hope that the music will mobilize voters.

So whose voices make up a grassroots movement? Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Kanye West, Adam Levine, and John Legend all grace the album, whose self-proclaimed inspiration is "hope, unity, and change." It also includes excerpts from Obama's speeches. You can either download, or purchase the CD on Barack Obama's website. Will you pick up the Obama soundtrack, while you're waiting on the world to change?

To see the whole list of tracks,


  1. "Eternity" — Lionel Richie
  2. "Signed Sealed Delivered" — Stevie Wonder
  3. "Waiting on the World to Change" — John Mayer
  4. "American Prayer" — Dave Stewart
  5. "Battle Cry" — Shontelle
  6. "Make It Better" — Los Lonely Boys
  7. "Pride in the Name of Love" — John Legend
  8. "I Have a Dream" — BeBe Winans
  9. "Am I All Alone" — Suai
  10. "One Is the Magic #" — Jill Scott
  11. "Love & Hope" — Ozomatli
  12. "Looking East" — Jackson Browne
  13. "Out of Our heads" — Sheryl Crow
  14. "Promised Land" — Malik Yusef with Kanye West and Adam Levine of Maroon 5
  15. "Hold On" — Yolanda Adams
  16. "America the Beautiful" — Keb' Mo'
  17. "America" — Ken Stacey
  18. "Wide River" — Buddy Mille
  19. Source

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Miss-Universe Miss-Universe 8 years
My favorite song is "Battle Cry" by Shontelle...its great! check out her video
VivaciousDivah VivaciousDivah 8 years
I think the compilation is incredible. Shontelle definitely adds a different flavor to the CD just like the other artists. Check out her "Battle Cry" song
milosmommy milosmommy 8 years
I want to look into this cd. I love Ozo so that's a big draw for me even if it's only one song. I have to say John Mayer is a highly, highly underrated guitar player. But not really a nice person. Oh and GS Labyrinth creeped me out too.
piper23 piper23 8 years
Ever since John Mayer killed it at the Grammy's, just him and his guitar on stage - I've been a big fan of his music. I do think he's gotten the celbrity big head though. I hate that but I don't think it has affected his music. Yet.
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
Dance magic dance Jump Magic Jump
mr-serious mr-serious 8 years
This OBAMA CD made me cry. I am wiping tears away now. I just downloaded it tonight and I am blown away. I didn't know of many of the artist on it but now I am fans of them all. This Ozomatli is amazing!!! I do not get emotional like this and I can not ever remember crying about a CD but song after song this one touched my heart. WOW
Misskastar Misskastar 8 years
where do you guys all get those cool liberal avatars? I want one!
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 8 years
I saw my baby, cryin' hard as babe could cry. What could I do? It seems his love had gone, and left my baby blue, nobody knew! What kind of magic spell to use. Slime and snails And Puppy dog tails Thunder and lightning. And baby says...........
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
GS: "You remind me of the babe." "what babe?" "the babe with the power" "what power?" "the power of voo doo" "you do?" "remind me of the babe" The best muppet movie with no traditional muppets. :cookie:
Stella-Stylist Stella-Stylist 8 years
WOW! I really thought that John Mayer was a cool kinda guy. However, maybe I do need to see him perform or something. I love that song Clarity, though. It makes me feel good..... "Awoohoo, Awooohoo, AWAAAAHOO!" Yep, it's great!
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
seriously?? i thought last season started out like crap (so I can understand if they lost you there) but ended sooo sooo well!
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
hmm i did not know that! i've never had caviar!
True-Song True-Song 8 years
Haha no! They lost me last season.
True-Song True-Song 8 years
Yep! They are the fish that make caviar.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
anagrams?! have you been watching too much Lost!?!?! ;)
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
sturgeons? like the fish?
True-Song True-Song 8 years
TS! I forgot I'd get a new abbreviation. I picked True Song because it's an anagram for Sturgeon. And I love Sturgeons!
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
TS - Yea thats how I was too. I never thought I would comment so I just picked something random and now that I comment a bunch I felt like I needed something that reflected me more! I don't like the negative connotation to the term housewife so I've decided to take it back for all women! Not just German women either, ALL women! :)
True-Song True-Song 8 years
I didn't think you could change it, but then I saw you did, haus! So thanks for opening my eyes!
True-Song True-Song 8 years
And GS, I just saw that picture. Um...thanks?
True-Song True-Song 8 years
Just felt like a change! It feels so weird, but when I signed up I didn't think I'd wind up commenting so much so I just picked something random.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
why did you change your name??
True-Song True-Song 8 years
"I am invincible! I am invincible! As looong as Iiii'm aliiiiive." I wanna change my user name. I'm now hoping Mayer will give me inspiration. I kind of like "No More 3x5"
yesteryear yesteryear 8 years
torg, i hate mayer, but i kind of love you for just brazenly quoting his songs here. you have spunk, kid. :)
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 8 years
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