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You 101: Can You Spot an "Emotionally Unavailable Man"?

Do you keep dating the same kind of guy? He's not too nice and he's not plain bad, but he is very, very confusing? Any part of this list sound familiar?

He’s very reliant on text messages, IM’ing and email for the majority of his contact

They’re ambiguous about the status of the relationship

You’re not sure when you’ll hear from the next, even though you’ve been dating them for a while

You think you’re in a relationship, but it’s closer to a booty call

He says stuff like ‘If only the timing was different, you’d be the perfect girlfriend’;’If only things were different I’d definitely marry you’

When you try to tackle the status of your relationship or any issues, he either tells you what you want to hear and then returns to his normal behaviour or he just skirts the issue. One way or the other, you wind up back at square one.

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Then I recommend you hoof it over to The Mr. Unavailable Guide for more signs and a whole lot more information about why you keep bumping into him. It's a smart and refreshing and witty blog 'for women that want to be available to the right guys' written by a woman that figured it out the hard way.

As ever, let me know what you think of it!


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