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Dear Sugar,

I've been working at my job for a while now, and my co-workers throw quite a few parties. I haven't gone to any, but there is an upcoming surprise party I want to attend. It's being thrown by a female co-worker for her brother, who also works with us. I told my boyfriend about it and asked if he wanted to come, but when I told him it was for a male co-worker, he got quiet and pouty and acted like I was asking for something unreasonable. I can understand if I told him I was going out with some guy friends and didn't ask him to come along, but this is a work party with a number of guys and girls, and I really wanted him to meet my co-workers. He claims that if the tables were turned, I would be upset too (which I don't think would be the case). I've never cheated on him or given him a reason to distrust me, so am I being unreasonable or is he being a baby? What can I do about it? — Irritated Irene

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Dear Irritated Irene,

It sounds like your boyfriend is just being insecure. Did you catch him at a bad time? Have things been rocky between you two? Does he have something to be defensive about? Since his reaction sounds out of character, I'd talk to him so you can understand what upsets him about this party. Make it clear to him how much you want your co-workers to meet him and reiterate the innocence of this party.

Since I'm not privy to all facets of your relationship, I can't say who is being unreasonable here, but I don't think your request was the least bit out of line. Get to the bottom of his insecurity and his current trust issues, as there might be a deeper problem going on that he's been unable to bring up. Hopefully a good heart-to-heart will clear the air. Good luck.


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