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You Asked: Is There Anything I Can Do?

Dear Sugar,

I am 24-years-old and I have a very small frame. I've been insecure about my small breasts since I was a teenager. I know that many women have these insecurities as well and I've have thought about breast augmentation, but I really don't want to go through something so severe and invasive. Recently, I have been looking into herbal supplements that claim to increase breast size. I feel like if these supplements really did work, everyone would be on them. Do you have any other natural suggestions or advice for myself and other women who share the same insecurities as I do?
— Flat Chested Christina

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Dear Flat Chested Christina,

Having insecurities about your chest size is completely normal, but keep in mind that although the media makes us all think men are only attracted to buxom, curvaceous woman, that's actually far from the truth. You mentioned that you have a small frame, so it sounds like your chest is pretty proportional to your body type.

No matter what I tell you, it's important for you to feel secure about yourself and the way you look. You're probably right about the herbal supplements: If they really did work, people wouldn't spend thousands of dollars for augmentations, so wearing a padded bra might be a better idea! Just because you're not very busty, it doesn't mean you can't show off what you do have. Try wearing clothing that accentuates your assets — maybe you have amazing legs, arms, or even a great butt.

If at the end of the day, implants are still something you want to consider, by all means go for it. Consult a doctor and weigh your options, but don't make any rash decisions. As I'm sure you know, undergoing elective surgery is risky and not something that should be taken lightly, so make sure your 150 percent sure of your decision. Oh, and for the record Christina, I happen to know many men and women who are more attracted to women with smaller breasts!


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