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You Asked: Can I Make Putting on a Condom Sexy?

Dear Sugar,

How do I make putting on a condom sexy? I'd like to actually incorporate the condom into our sex, as opposed to making it a routine stop. Is there a way to make it fun and to not lose the momentum?

— Curious Cami

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Dear Curious Cami,

Losing momentum when putting on a condom is actually a very common problem; fortunately the solution is easy. It's all about experimentation. Remember that you don't have to put the condom on just before penetration; you can put it on in the midst of your foreplay so it's all ready to go when you are. That way the condom becomes part of the fun and not a hurdle to get over that could ruin the moment.

If you're the one putting on the condom, try placing it on with your hands and then rolling it down with your mouth and tongue. Or use one hand to put on the condom while the other strokes your boyfriend or rubs his inner thighs. If your boyfriend is the one putting it on, then use that down time to massage his shoulders or let your hands and tongue help him out by rubbing lube on the condom as he rolls it down. Most importantly, don't be afraid to try new things.


rashell rashell 9 years
ew. latex = turn OFF. let him put it on!!!!
krys786 krys786 9 years
I agree with fashiondoll :)
LeeshaMichelle12 LeeshaMichelle12 9 years
use ur mouth...thats all i have to say ;)
You shouldn't be using flavoured condoms for sex... it gives you a yeast infection, no? So if you're using a flavoured one to roll with your mouth, keep it in the mouth. LOL
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 9 years
Laluna and TFS: I've been with the samen guy for the past four years. Both of us have never had sex with other people before that. I'm on the pill. So why should I use condoms in addition then? Of course: the moment this relationship would end and I would be with someone I don't know that well or can't be sure to not have STD's I'd use a condom! But right now, I don't see the point in using them! I don't think that makes me irresponsible
TidalWave TidalWave 9 years
One of the main reasons I prefer long-term relationships is because I really hate condoms, and it doesn't even affect my pleasure; I just really see it has a nuisance. As long as I know my partner is clean, I see nothing wrong with not using them. ashcwebb: that's really clever! i never would have thought of that. i always refrained from mouth/condom stuff because of 1) taste and 2) fear of breaking it!!
TFS TFS 9 years
1QTPIE; everyone should use one regardless. its important to protect yourself and to protect others that you have sexual relations with. Being on the pill will stop you from getting pregnant maybe but it doesn't stop you getting any STI's.
BlairBear BlairBear 9 years
I haven't used a condom in a long time, thank goodness for IUD's! Side note; is it just me or does that condom, look really small?
miosotis miosotis 9 years
laluna27, some people don't have to use condoms... For example, if you are married, your husband and you don't have STD's and there won't be problems if you get pregnant... and so on...
laluna27 laluna27 9 years
um, 1QTPIE, everyone should use condoms.....
1QTPIE 1QTPIE 9 years
I am so glad I don't have to use a condom....
looseseal looseseal 9 years
What sex ed in school taught us: you can practice putting condoms on a banana or a cucumber.
sunlandseagirl sunlandseagirl 9 years
LOL gotta love DearSugar! Its like having 100 older ( and might i say wiser) older sisters..haha I love this site!!!
chakra_healer chakra_healer 9 years
Lol, very true RockAndRepublic! Like Mina, my move is to use hand action and then have him put it on while I tickle his testes and perineum. Other than that or the mouth move, just wait until he is super hard/twitching and hand him the condom. He won't object, just keep the action going... continue to talk dirty, rub, lick, kiss, etc.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
Geez!It's just a condom, not that deep. He can put it on himself.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I use my mouth! When we had to use a condom when I was on antibiotics (your pill sometimes will not work) I used to open it up, suck the tip in my mouth and slid it on! My bf thought it was the sweetest trick ever and was pretty amazed :P
minaminamina minaminamina 9 years
Oh, and sorry for getting a little nasty up in here, but putting the condom on him while you play with his balls is always a popular one - men get sad when women ignore their balls!
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
"Roll it down with your mouth and tongue" sounds awful! =P Lube and latex don't exactly tickle a girl's taste buds. (Although, there are some flavored ones that aren't so bad if it's just a quick taste.) I've always tried to get the condom on as soon as he's hard so we can get right back to business while things are still heating up and he can just ease right in without the pit stop.
njau njau 9 years
i don't know about putting it on with your mouth, especially with the ones that have lube on the outside, but i guess they do have flavoured condoms for a reason...
minaminamina minaminamina 9 years
I like to put it on my man... a little bit of a roll-on handjob usually does the trick, as is 'getting him ready' with your mouth.
AKirstin AKirstin 9 years
Haha, I *knew* the "rolling it on with your mouth" thing was going to be brought up! ;) I have found this an awkward thing to try the first time, though, so be sure you're with someone you can share a laugh with the first time you try it. Hee!
millarci millarci 9 years
Wow this is really useful advice... Good question! :)
TFS TFS 9 years
use your mouth. ;]
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