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Dear Sugar,

My husband and I are hosting Christmas dinner this year, but I'm feeling very uncomfortable for the following reason. This past year, the relationship between my six siblings and mother has become very fractured for a number of reasons, but mostly because my mom and eldest sister create too much toxic drama. Some of the siblings are fed up, and don't want to come to Christmas unless I can 100 percent guarantee that my mom and sister won't be there. I seem to be the only one concerned that the young children are able to see each other, so I invited everyone; it's Christmas after all!

I did an evite so that everyone could see who's coming, but no one is responding. What should I do at this point? I've been preparing for 20 guests but at this point it might just be my husband and me. What should I do? — Disappointed Dede

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Dear Disappointed Dede,

While your siblings say they don't want to be around your mom and eldest sister because they are too dramatic, they're just adding more fuel to the fire by not RSVPing. The holidays are supposed to be about family, but there's really not much else you can do to get everyone together. You've already offered your home —which was very gracious. If I were you, I'd call each of them and ask if they plan on attending, and leave it at that. I understand that you're trying to be the ring leader, but the outcome is out of your hands. Hopefully, everyone will be willing to put their differences aside for one day, but if you do end up spending the holiday alone with your husband, know that you did your part to keep the peace. Happy Holidays.


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