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Dear Sugar,

I have two daughters, one is getting married in September and one is having a baby in September. Would it be OK to combine their showers and have one big one as opposed to two smaller ones? — Curious Mom Melinda

Dear Curious Mom Melinda,

While it makes perfect sense to simply combine the two showers, I can almost guarantee that your daughters would have some hurt feelings if you went that route. Since each has their own exciting news to celebrate, sharing a shower could take away from their individual joy.

I know showers can be expensive, but each of your daughters deserves their own moment in the spotlight. If you keep the guest lists down to just close friends and family, and if you have the showers at your home or at a friend's home, it'll be easy to keep the costs down. At the end of the day and after all the hard work is behind you, I bet you'll be glad that you showered your girls separately. Congratulations to them and to you!


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