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Dear Sugar,

In the midst of sending out this year's holiday cards, I came upon my ex's address. We no longer talk to each other, but there are several people I'm sending cards to that I don't talk to either. Would it be etiquettely correct to send him one? — Looking Back Betsy

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Dear Looking Back Betsy —

If you want to send your ex a Christmas card, by all means do so! Why not? The holidays are a great time to reconnect with old friends, so I say spread the holiday cheer! With that said, if you're trying to open the door to the past, don't be let down if your efforts aren't returned. Since you're no longer in contact, you have no idea what his life is all about now. He could be in a serious relationship or no longer living at the same address. I say give it a try, but be realistic about the situation. Merry Christmas!


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