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You Asked: Is He Hiding Someone From Me?

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend hides my things. If I leave my shirt, my slippers, even my hair ties — anything girly — he hides them in the closet. We only see each other on certain nights and when I come over to his place on our "on nights," I find my stuff tucked away. Is that me thinking he's hiding my girl things from another girl, or am I just being crazy? This has happened on more than one occasion. I also just found a brand new Boston Red Sox sweatshirt with a brand new pair of Patriot slippers in his closet today with the tags still on them. It's his birthday today, so did he get those from another girl as a birthday gift? Should I say something to him about them, or should I just make a mental note and wait to see his next move? Another red flag I feel I should tell you is that we've been together for two years and I've never met his parents! I'm so confused; what should I do? — Being Deceived Danna

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Dear Being Deceived Danna,

I may be jumping the gun here, but I'd be a lot wary if I were you. The fact that your stuff is tucked away, out of common sight, makes me think two things: Either he's an extreme neat freak, or he's trying to hide your things from someone else. Since today's his birthday, I wouldn't be too concerned with the new Boston paraphernalia, but I would talk to him ASAP. There's no point in speculating, and you need to get to the truth sooner than later.

Since you've been together for so long, I'm sure it's a real shock to think he's being unfaithful to you; but, if your gut is telling you something's wrong, you need to listen to your female intuition. If this is all about another woman, it will hurt — badly — but it's better for you to know now before you get even more attached. Be strong and demand that he is honest with you and I really hope this was all a misunderstanding.


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