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Dear Sugar,

My friend's wedding invitation arrived in the mail yesterday, and it was addressed to my name and "partner." My friends know that I'm not seeing anyone at the moment, yet they included this in my invite. As I don't want to go alone (I won't know anyone at the ceremony or party), do I just assume that this is giving me permission to bring a friend instead of a romantic date? Or would this be bad etiquette? I'm assuming that since they didn't specify a name and know that I'm not seeing anyone, that they took that into consideration when writing the invite. But I don't want to be rude. What should I do?

— Uncertain Cee Cee

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Dear Uncertain Cee Cee,

Since you won't know any of the other guests outside of the happy couple, and because the bride knows that you're currently single, I think it's likely that she's expecting you to invite a companion of some sort. Though it is more common to invite a date over a friend, I have heard of situations where platonic friends have attended weddings in lieu of a romantic interest. If you're feeling worried, I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask the bride whether or not she'll mind if you bring a friend as opposed to a date. As long as you're clear that the decision is hers and you're not trying to impose, I'm sure she'll be receptive to your request. But do keep in mind that if you have your eyes set on someone lately, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better!


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